North Korea – Selling Globally Sex Drive Medicines

North Korea Selling Globally Sex Drive Medicines…

Morning Erections - Image Copyright FunTooo.Com
Morning Erections - Image Copyright FunTooo.Com

Morning Erections – Image Copyright FunTooo.Com

Millions of folks around the world are convinced that nothing will surprise them! If that is the case then the rubric above will just go unnoticed.

Wonder how that can be? Oh yeah we get it now when folks see or hear anything about North Korea they expect something bizarre. Like dictator Kim Jong Un is a nutter who is going to blow up the west with some bomb (that usually fails to launch) or just toss a nuclear bomb on USA or Europe, perhaps even blow himself up in some hari kiri act of unbelievable stupidity.

But sorry (or pleased) to tell all you men out there Kim Jong Un has the complete rigid solution on how to get a “Rock Hard” erection!

How about that then everybody who has sexual dysfunction issues, relax a simple problem solver is – Right Here! – Right Now!

North Korea Times Kim Jong Un eyes the West to sell unique ‘sex potion’ to help boost a man’s libido

So the next question will North Korea Selling Globally Sex Drive Medicines work? Well for starters this blockbuster product has instructions and/or directions for use in English. Wow guys are you getting hard already!

Here is a quote from the North Korea Times…

“According to reports, Kim Jong Un has instructed his top scientists to develop new ‘sex potions’ with sea urchins and market it with

instructions in English, Chinese and Russian.

The medicines, that are reportedly aimed at treating physical and mental fatigue, sexual dysfunction, poor appetite and diarrhoea have been endorsed by North Korea’s state-owned Pyongyang Times that calls it energy-inducing “sex drive” medicines.

Reports further revealed that the concoction called ‘wonder’ was made from sea urchins, snake extract and mushrooms soaked in alcohol and would boost a man’s libido.

The North Korean leader is said to believe that the medicine could do wonders in the West”. – Quote attribution NorthKoreaTimes.Com

That sales pitch is that good have been written by sea urchins or who knows maybe the North Korean dictator kingpin Kim Jong Un drummed up the sales spiel in his head. Doubtless we will all, never know the answer to that question.

Now here is what we think sexual dysfunction is global issue for millions of men, and men being men will want to get back active all action libido and we all know that cannot be achieved without a “Rock Hard” erection!

Enough of all this we are out of here.

But please come back again as we report like this…

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North Korea Selling Globally Sex Drive Medicines…

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