New Macau Association Democratic Media Self Censorship

Macau aka Macao
South China
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As of December 2012 the New Macau Association has three elected members in the Macau National Legislative Assembly

They are

• António Ng Kuok Cheong elected in 2001-present – founding party chairman of the New Macau Association

• Au Kam San elected in 2001 to present

• Paul Chan Wai Chi 2009 to present

In 2009 the New Macau Association was split into two separate divisions

• Democratic New Macau Association

• Democratic Prosperous Macau Association

The division of the original entity was separated in the hope that with two entities the NWA would secure more electoral votes in the Legislative Assembly. The political manoeuvre paid off as they won 19.35% of popular vote and 3 seats in the legislature. Much better than the vote in 2005 when they notched up 18.8% of the popular vote and 2 out of 12 popular elected seats.

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New Macau Association Democratic Media Self Censorship…


Media Self-Censorship
Self-censorship in Macau press is obvious. A number senior managers in the press have been co-opted by both the governments of Macau and China in various consultative or election committees. The media that heavily rely on government’s subsidies and advertisements for their revenue and survival tend to under-report the social activism against the malfeasances of Macau government and its political allies (namely the pro-establishment societal associations and politicians) but over-report the opinions favourable for the government. A free newspaper run by a casino businessman cancelled the column of a scholar-social activist-democrat on the reason that the newspaper management did not want the community to misunderstand their political orientation. The self-censorship has made it difficult for the public to receive critical analysis on government policies and political issues, and have in-depth understanding on the government malfeasances. – Attribution to New Macau Association –

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