Megyn Kelly This Egotist Is Dangerous!

Megyn Kelly This Egotist Is Dangerous…

Memes About Me They're Accurate, Essentially - Image Copyright QuickMeme.Com
Memes About Me They're Accurate, Essentially - Image Copyright QuickMeme.Com

Memes About Me They’re Accurate, Essentially – Image Copyright QuickMeme.Com

Z lister bottom feeder news imposter Megyn Kelly is back, after taking time out after a questionable exit from Fox News. She is now working for some news outfit – the name of is not worthy of a mention…

The first report is allegedly an interview with Vladimir Putin. Which will be sold in the USA with a bucket full of bluster and hubris… Folks do not believe a word on how the Vladimir Putin interview is sold and promoted.

Let’s tell the real storyline as seen through the eyes of the Russian propaganda apparatus, they will simply use Megyn Kelly as the naive – dopey – news imposter she is! Vladimir Putin will control what he releases in the interview and the message he lays out will be exactly what he wants – he cannot be manipulated when facing an interview when across the table is an irrelevant lightweight like Megyn Kelly!

Folks to see how nasty – dirty and respectful Megyn Kelly can be see here an interview with Newt Gingrich – Right Here! – Right Now!

SR1293 “You’re Fascinated w/ Sex!” Newt Gingrich BLASTS Megyn Kelly -Calling Trump Sexual Predator

“You\'re Fascinated w/ Sex!\" Newt Gingrich BLASTS Megyn Kelly – Calling Trump Sexual Predator

With some comments attribution YouTube.Com

Rob Abreu

She was intentionally antagonizing Gingrich. I’ve wondered why Trump had a problem with her, now I see why.?

Alejandra Valles

I can’t believe what I was hearing when I was watching the show… I was applauding whenever Mr Gingrich slap her with the truth… but she was disrespectful, unprofessional, totally pro-Killary and a disgrace for the patriotic women who used to watch Fox news…

she must start packing her stuff and start looking for a new job at CNN… but imagining the bad ratings she has been having lately, I don’t think she can have a show even there… YOU’RE A DISGRACE AS A REPORTER SMELLY KELLY!!!!!! … YOU AND THE ONE YOU ARE KISSING HER OLD, NASTY, AND WRINKLED ASS…. SHAME ON YOU FOX NEWS CHANNEL…. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!?

Daniel Benitez

This is the first time I have ever been impressed with newt Gingrich. She may think she got the better of him, but she showed her manipulative and deceptive ways and a seething passive aggressive anger and people aren’t dumb enough to not notice that?

Nay Nay

LOL Bill O Reilly said they called her Me-again-Kelly because of how pretentious she was to make everything about her?

Moving on the Megyn Kelly freak news show is targeting Alex Jones

InfoWars Megyn Kelly To Interview Alex Jones

With yet another choice comment…


Annnnndddd, why even entertain her? Why give her ratings? Why give her any credibility? She disappeared a while ago, only to be brought back…why?

Get the drift folks the USA and the rest of the world has seen enough of Megyn Kelly for a lifetimes viewing…

She is roasted irrelevant – a waste of time – not worth viewing anytime of the day!

Megyn Kelly This Egotist Is Dangerous…

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