Mealy Mouthed UK Ex Pat David Cavanagh Success Academy – Pattaya in Thailand

David Cavanagh Success Academy

Friday, Nov 09, 2012

Before we get into details about the rubric, we need to explain to any uninformed readers Pattaya is a beautiful coastal resort in Thailand that has been turned into a  linear dustbin where endless amounts of human dross gather and reside from all quarters of the world. Please note as an official ryder we are not referring to Thai nationals who are in the main great people with an endless smile and bundles of charm and gracious hospitality so once again all Thais are exempt and are not referenced to indirectly and/or directly referred to anywhere  is this article.

The rubric involves a mealy mouthed Brit who squeals like a pig when he gets some free publicity

Rubric reference thanks and attribution goes to AndrewDrummond.Com at Thanks Andrew you have the best English News site in Asia keep up the good work!

The publicity dichotomy is that David Cavanagh Success Academy is famous because it is virtually unknown and for those that do know anything about this mealy mouthed dude the Success Academy owner/operator the  facts that are published in the public domain do not make for good reading…

Here are a limited potpourri of some of his valued attributes…
• this video when published by us today had been viewed 11 times since March 2011 – Very Popular As You Can See!
•    YouTube is littered with more similar videos by David Cavanagh Success Academy and one of the videos was obviously a stonking viral success as in nearly another 60 or so views will top 300 views in total
•    In 2010 David Cavanagh donned the self acclaimed mantle of – quote – World’s Number One Internet Coach – David Cavanagh – over 700 testimonials
•    Oh how the mighty have fallen circa 2012 by accessing Internet traffic statistics David Cavanagh Success Academy website enjoys less than 10 visitors a day…

Enough of that want more info key in his keyword references on the search engines and view all his publicity  pops up free of charge!

We have no connection with David Cavanagh Success Academy we are just journalists and publish a good story when and where possible. This story is one such story about yet another ex pat business success story that has surfaced from Pattaya Thailand.

Mealy Mouthed UK Ex Pat David Cavanagh Success Academy – Pattaya in Thailand…

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