Matthew C Martino picks up £3500 bar bill … Ooops

Film producer Matthew C Martino put a small dent on his bank account by dining guests at a Leicester Square pub and picking up a hefty £3,500 ($6000) bill on Saturday night.

Well we shall drink to that …

A pal of Martino’s tweeted a picture of the bill to which he replied ‘You know what it is, I pray ya’ll #rf’. The tweet was later deleted as a few of Martino’s followers picked up on what was going on with one follower tweeting ‘@M4tMartino you didn’t really spend over 3 grand on drinks did you #SelfishPrick’.

The 21year old who has always insisted that he is a people’s person and on many occasions likened himself to ‘the general public’ put up a performance worth remembering. It is thought he treated his actor friends, politicians and his personal entourage to champagne and ancient bottles of wine, He famously ordered a bottle of rum for a game which was tagged ‘MessyMartino Shots’.

Martino didn’t look too happy to see photographers waiting outside the venue for him and made a swift exit. He refused to answer to reporters who were waiting and he attempted to cover his face on many occasions.

A waiter at the pub said ‘I’ve never seen anything like it, They occupied two tables and Martino’s PA told me to keep the bottles coming every 15mins, When we delivered the bill Matthew and two colleagues where fighting to pay for it and in the end Matthew put his card forward reminding everyone he was the host’

Martino and his team also tipped the waiters a hefty £100 for the service. Martino’s camp where contacted for comment but haven’t responded.

Matthew C Martino picks up £3500 bar bill

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