Longshan Labor Camp Shenyang PRC


Liaoning Province



Friday, March 02, 2012

The Chinese penal system is renowned for harsh bordering on cruel institutions that are the destiny for all convicted criminals who are handed down custodial sentences in the PRC.

One notorious center in Shenyang is the Longshan Labor Camp aka Longshan Forced Labor Camp, very little specific detail is known about these penal centers that are basically the norm to be found all over the vast mainland of China. But analysts and human rights groups are in no doubt that these detention camps wherein the suffering is often beyond description – based on reports of torture – isolation – primitive containment environments. Little or no health  care – insufficient food – no hot water and many prisoners are ill with contagious infections that are easily passed on to new detainees within days of incarceration

In 2004 reports surfaced about the torture Ms. Gao Rongrong experienced in Longshan Forced Labor Camp, Rongrung later died due to the injuries handed out from the torture.

Longshan Labor Camp Shenyang PRC…

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