Kev In Thailand YouTube Vlogger Deletes Nightlife Videos

Kev In Thailand YouTube Vlogger Deletes Nightlife Videos…

Kev In Thailand - Image Copyright YtImg.Com

Kev In Thailand – Image Copyright YtImg.Com

Regular readers of NewsPressed know that we always support and promote YouTube – Google et al. Our belief is that breaking news about YouTube content is important. That in itself means that comments will bridge between good and bad videos and maybe anything in between.

In recent months on YouTube there has been a flood of vloggers churning out garbage about nightlife in Thailand. The majority of these videos have showcased nightlife in say – Patong Beach, Phuket – Walking Street and many sois in Pattaya – Nana Plaza, Nana, Bangkok – Soi Cowboy in Asoke, Bangkok – Patpong in Silom, Bangkok – Loi Kroh Road in Chiang Mai and many other places et al…

But let’s not pull any punches about 99% of these videos on nightlife in Thailand are often vile – intrusive – obnoxious – nauseous and more concerning the vloggers often lace commentary with disparaging remarks and insults against both ExPats – Thai and even more odious is that they preach bullcrap about Thailand as a country. They also make misogynistic comments about nearly all women. Moreover they boast about sex with narrative that would often be seen as over the top for use even in hardcore porn movies.

The above was just criticism mainly of the audible narrative which thankfully saves the need to write about the lousy filming – which is often made by folks who would not know the difference between a DJI Mavic Pro and a DJI Spark!

At this point how many readers asking what the writer knows about Thailand and Asia? Spent over 18 years full time – living – working and enjoying the cultures and lifestyles of Asia. Of which over 7 years full time in Thailand able to speak decent Thai more than enough to get understood at street level for shopping – entertaining – general chit chat smattered with a bit of Thai slang humor!

Back to the basics of the rubric – ‘Kev In Thailand YouTube Vlogger Deletes Nightlife Videos’ now pure and simple Kev is great ex-pat who has been a YouTube vlogger since joining Dec 4, 2015 rocking up 3,524,872 views and counting, well respected and established with over 18,300 plus subscribers.

Kev In Thailand is by no stretch of the imagine anything other than the down to earth, friendly, savvy and consummate business professional. Before moving to Thailand Kev owned and operated a big business in UK with several employees which he sold out before taking up life as an ex-pat.

In the last week Kev In Thailand has deleted 39 videos up on YouTube of which all the content was about nightlife in Thailand. On deleting Kev has lost 1.5 million views!

Find out why? RIGHT HERE! – RIGHT NOW!

Kev in Thailand, Why i lost 1.5 million views and 39 videos ! Vlog 262


Kev In Thailand – meaning – Definitely one of the best YouTube vloggers in Thailand. All his vlogs are worth watching – enough said!

Kev In Thailand YouTube Vlogger Deletes Nightlife Videos…

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