Julian Assange – Vladimir Putin – Donald Trump

Julian Assange – Vladimir Putin – Donald Trump…

WikiLeaks – The Truth Will Always Win…

WikiLeaks - The Truth Will Always Win - Image Copyright LossOfPrivacy.Com
WikiLeaks - The Truth Will Always Win - Image Copyright LossOfPrivacy.Com

WikiLeaks – The Truth Will Always Win – Image Copyright LossOfPrivacy.Com

What gels these three mavericks together well for sure there are all focused and driven businessmen and deal makers…

Forget the political issues the agenda for…

Julian Assange

Is to get out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has been holed up for over 4 years. To that end he is helping both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump by releasing confidential and top secret government documents on his website Wikileaks.Org

Like The Podesta Emails published October 07 2016

Here is a clip attribution to Wikileaks.Org

Some of the emails of the players…

john.podesta@gmail.com, huma@hrcoffice.com,

Vladimir Putin

Another exclusive clip attribution to WikiLeaks.Org

Concerns about Trump’s Dangerous Foreign Policy, such as his Admiration for Putin

*Republican National Security Experts Raise Concerns about Trump’s Dangerous Foreign Policy, such as his Admiration for Putin* Republican national security experts, including former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Congressman Peter King, the former chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, raised concerns over the past week about Donald Trump’s dangerous foreign policy. Gates and King criticized Trump’s admiration for Vladimir Putin and questioned his lack of a plan on ISIS. Read criticisms made over the past week by Republican national security experts of Trump’s dangerous foreign policy: *Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates:* “I have some real issues with things he’s said about national security policy. And some concerns. I think there are some contradictions. You can’t have a trade war with China and then turn around and ask them to help you on North Korea. I have no idea what his policy would be in terms of dealing with ISIS. I worry a little bit about his admiration for Vladimir Putin…” *Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates: * “I guess one of the things that makes it challenging for me is that he seems to think that he has all the answers.” *Congressman Peter King, former chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security:* “Well I’m supporting the nominee of the party but I still have real questions with him as far as national security. I don’t think his Asian policy is coherent because, again, if he does want to get in a trade war with China, he has to explain how that coincides with him wanting to use China against North Korea. If he wants to have leverage over China, how can be talking about taking troops out of Japan and Korea.” *Congressman Peter King, former chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security: *“I’m very concerned about this romance he seems to have with Putin…” *Senator Lindsey Graham:* “He talks like Ronald Reagan one moment and then embraces Putin the next. The contradictions are just overwhelmingly to me.” *Senator Marco Rubio: *“’My hope is that he can be persuaded away from those sorts of positions,’ Rubio said. ‘As of now that’s not the case.’ Rubio doesn’t agree with Corker that Trump will see the world differently after he learns the details of the issues.” *Former Secretary of State James Baker: *“While Donald Trump met with Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill Thursday, a Senate hearing provided a forum for critics in his party to take aim at his foreign policy proposals. At the prompting of Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who dropped out of the presidential race in March, former Secretary of State James Baker said that the world ‘would be far less stable’ if the U.S. left the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or let South Korea and Japan obtain nuclear weapons, proposals floated by Trump during the campaign that made him the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. ‘We’ve got a lot of problems today, but you’d have a hell of a lot more if that were the case,’ Baker, who was secretary of state in President George H.W. Bush’s administration, said without mentioning Trump by name. ‘NATO has been the foundation of peace and stability in Europe. The more countries that obtain nuclear weapons the more instability there will be in the world.’” *Former Secretary of State James Baker:* “Marco Rubio’s latest shot at Donald Trump came with an assist from James Baker. The Republican Florida senator, who abandoned the presidential race earlier this year after repeated drubbings by Trump, asked the revered GOP elder statesman on Thursday what he thought of suggestions by ‘some people’ that more countries should have nuclear weapons. ‘The more countries that acquire nuclear weapons, the more instability there is going to be in the world,’ replied Baker, a former secretary of state, during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing.” *Former CIA Director Michael Hayden: * “Michael Hayden didn’t mince words when asked about Donald Trump’s proposal to bar Muslim immigrants and tourists from entering the US. It’s not legally possible, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency told Business Insider in an interview. It’s morally reprehensible. And, frankly, ‘it’s dumb as dirt.’” *Former CIA Director Michael Hayden: * “He has not shown me the capacity to treat international issues with the complexity and seriousness that they deserve. And again, if I’m supposed to ignore those things — ‘that was just done for the crowd’ — frankly, that’s an even worse problem. I’m going to take him at face value.” ### For Immediate Release, May 15, 2016 Contact: press@hillaryclinton.com PAID FOR BY HILLARY FOR AMERICA Contributions or gifts to Hillary for America are not tax deductible. Hillary for America, PO Box 5256, New York — You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups “NationalPress2016” group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to nationalpress2016+unsubscribe@hillaryclinton.com.

Donald Trump


Donald Trump Enters 2016 Presidential Race

New York real-estate developer and television personality Donald Trump announced he is running for president, a move that threatens to upend the already crowded Republican primary field.

After publicly toying with a presidential bid five times since 1988, Mr. Trump formally declared his candidacy for the first time at a skyscraper named for himself.

Julian Assange – Wikileaks John Podesta Emails

WikiLeaks – The Truth Will Always Win…

Julian Assange – Vladimir Putin – Donald Trump…

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