Jose Mourinho – Talksport Live – Feyenoord 1-0 Manchester United

Jose Mourinho – Talksport Live – Feyenoord 1-0 Manchester United

Eric Cantona - Image Copyright Planet-Football.Net
Eric Cantona - Image Copyright Planet-Football.Net

Eric Cantona – Image Copyright Planet-Football.Net

Late at night listening to Talksport Live the topic the Manchester United loss to Feyenoord in the numpties cup in Europe.

Yes it was a dire match fitting of a dire third rate competition it is the Europa Cup. So now the the very down market as in very poor presentation – delivery and professionalism of Talksport Live, is having a phone in – with the objective to rip Jose Mourinho to bits…

So here is a snippet of the live broadcast – the phone rings in the Talksport Live studio and a low life is live – waiting to get his 15 to 30 seconds of live broadcast on radio. So here he kicks off with the verbals – whining – bitching and moaning about Jose Mourinho who has been manager of ‘The Reds’ for only 4 games. Then these ‘DickHeads’ keep ringing in blurting out a diatribe of BS on why Jose Mourinho is at fault for the 1-0 loss against Feyenoord.

Let’s wind the clock back since SAF – Sir Alex Ferguson retired 3 years ago this magnificent club has gone into free fall thanks to all time loser manager David Moyes who has never won anything and struggles to fill an empty glass with water! David Moyes is an uneducated serial failure in anything and everything club – tactics – players at any level in football. Clueless a disastrous mistake to bring in David Moyes as manager of Manchester United…

9 – 10 months late the hapless idiot gets fired!!!

But Hello! What happens next is almost beyond belief all the squad players are mentally shot as they have been overdosed on “Largactil” spoon fed on a daily basis by Moyes to all the players.

Then along comes a lunatic from Holland – Louis Van Gaal – laughed and mocked in his Dutch homeland because he surely reinvented and abused the personal right to be ARROGANT!!!

Roll the clock he lasted almost 2 years and coached the squad to become back and side passing zombies. The players drowned in this brash arrogant – Van Gaal I am never wrong attitude he wrecked the players mentally and Van Gaal even showed psychopathic traits. Example Van Gaal even managed to convince Memphis Depay that because he gave him the legendary iconic shirt worn with pride by some of the greatest players to ever grace a football pitch. Namely George Best – Eric Cantona – Christiano Ronaldo et al.

But what Van Gaal chose to ignore was that wearing the number 7 does not make you a good player some of those who failed in the number 7 are Angel Di Maria – David Beckham – Antonio Valencia – Michael Owen. Anyway Memphis Depay is a total disgrace not fit and/or good enough to wear any Manchester United shirt irrespective of the number…

Anyway after winning the FA Cup 2016 thank goodness Louis Van Gaal gets the bullet!

But worse to come the players already blitzed by Moyes on daily doses of Largactil. On the Louis Van Gaal exit smiling – laughing – strutting to the nearest bank with a reported 8 Million UK Pounds pay off for him and his staff who got the ‘Golden Bullet’

The day after Van Gaal walks the squad players are checked by the club doctors and found to be all walking around and playing dire boring football thanks to overdosing on cocktail of drugs. Namely Van Gaal kept the team on Largactil as he was impressed how dopey and irrational they all were behaving on Largactil.

But Louis Van Gaal was not completely happy he wanted the players to be permanently sleepy too especially on the playing field. Ola – the answer for LVG was give them all a daily sleeping pill as in the top seller – Ambien!!!

Today what to do?

Get off the back of Jose Mourinho and directly to Talksport Live leave JM alone it did not work in Spain riling him a daily and hourly basis. He got the hump and walked out on Real Madrid…

So leave him alone as Jose Mourinho has the balls to walk out of English Football…

One more time Talksport Live back off – because Jose Mourinho is box office entertainment and great for football – PERIOD!

Jose Mourinho – Talksport Live – Feyenoord 1-0 Manchester United…


Largactil – meaning – Trademark a brand of chlorpromazine used as a tranquillizer – sedative – antipsychotic.

Ambien – meaning – Ambien (zolpidem) is a sedative, also called a hypnotic. Zolpidem affects chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced in people with sleep problems insomnia – Attribution Drugs.Com

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