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• We started hapn with a simple mission: let you and others tell your own stories from the ground level, first-hand accounts. And more than just one sided news, the whole picture. That’s why you can invite friends, family, and followers to add their pics and comments to your story stream. The result is a ‘hap’, a unique bit of news from your sports, wedding, concerts, street, school, etc. Now you own the news. 100%. Make some haps! – Attribution to Hapn.Info

Instagram – Photo App Hapn

Instagram – Hapn – Photo App…


Hapn – meaning – ‘Your Life is News’ – Attribution to Hapn.Info

Photo App – meaning – “One event, many different user’s moments…
Get the scene from everyone with hapn!” – Attribution to Hapn.Info

Instagram – meaning – ‘Sports. Events. Concerts. Weddings…Your life. Captured from multiple friends and others… into a combined story stream. A hap!’ – Attribution to Hapn.Info

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