Inside North Korea – Hyesan

Inside North Korea – Hyesan…

Hyesan From Changbai - Image Copyright WikiMedia.Org

Hyesan From Changbai - Image Copyright WikiMedia.Org

Hyesan From Changbai – Image Copyright WikiMedia.Org

Always in the news these days is North Korea, but the reality is that very little is known outside about what goes on inside North Korea. Is it like a prison? Some say that! Is it locked in a timewarp – with a limited progression harboring and/or imprisoning some 25 million people. Some say that is the situation. The reality is likely to be somewhere in between the extremes…

One city is Hyesan in the north near the Chinese border with a population of over 190,000. Plus it gets cold up there in the winter note the heavy cover of snow in the main picture. The area is best described as a hardship area. Main industry are wood processors and factories – textile mills – paper mills and very little else of significance… Viewed from China Hyesan is referred to as the “Ghost Town” as it hardly ever lights up at night due to the lack of electricity. Reports say most dwelling houses – apartments – flats et al do not have running water and most residents wash their clothes and bodies in the Yalu aka Amrok aka Amnok River which runs along the north of the city. The Yalu aka Amrok river is actually the border crossing between Hyesan North Korea and Changbai China as in crossing the river is the way to connect the two countries. Hyesan is a large city located in Ryanggang Province North Korea.

Hyesan enjoys extensive natural resources of copper which was a big revenue earner for decades and a great boost to the local economy. Copper mines were operating but then they got flooded and all the machinery got immersed in water. The mines were closed for many years due to lack of funds to repair the mines and all the copper mining machinery and equipment. Of late the mines are back in business with possible natural resources of approx 400,000 tonnes of copper. Mining processes 10,000 tonnes of copper per annum but these days who knows where the revenue ends up as China provide the mines – electricity – renew the machinery and provide finances for ongoing dewatering.

Moving on to education in North Korea it goes without saying the blinkered biased western based analysts will always wax lyrical about the superior education centers in Europe and the USA… Nothing could be further from the truth take education for example in Hong Kong hire a person straight out of university with a bona fide degree fluency in Cantonese – Mandarin – English – reliable – great timekeepers – dedicated and ambitious to achieve in life. I have done it many times in Hong Kong the results have been remarkable and the ROI – Return On Investment is almost instant as within months in my experience they start making profits for employers. Overall education in most of the orient will often be under assessed and as such inferior to any similar education facility in either USA or Europe. Facts prove different hence the western analytical viewpoint is often pure baloney. Suffice to say the following education centers in North Korea will deliver what it says on the can – as in what they say – is what one gets!

Some of the education Schools – Colleges – Universities in Hyesan North Korea…

Hyesan High School and Hyesan Girls’ School.
Hyesan Мedical University.
Hyesan University of Agriculture and Forestry.
Kim Jŏng-suk College of Education.
Hyesan College of Light Engineering.
Hyesan University of Industry.

What does the future hold in North Korea? Arguably that will be defined by the actions of either Kim Jong-un aka Kim Jong Un and/or USA President Donald J.Trump or maybe these two big egos collide, then the outcome is anyone’s guess!

Inside North Korea – Hyesan…


Hyesan – meaning – according to Britannica.Com – quote – “In winter it is one of the coldest places in the country; a temperature of -44°F (-42°C) was recorded in 1915.”

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