In Thailand These Days Vloggers Are Everywhere

In Thailand These Days Vloggers Are Everywhere…

Brett Dev aka BrettDev - Image Copyright BrettDev.Com

Brett Dev aka BrettDev - Image Copyright BrettDev.Com

Brett Dev aka BrettDev – Image Copyright BrettDev.Com

It is a well known global fact that YouTube is lax in moderating content. OK if contentious references are made then maybe it will get pulled, regarding copyright infringements then that is more stringent moderation which can and often does lead to the video getting pulled and the profile uploader getting banned…

At least that is what happens in many instances all around the world.

But the rubric of the day is focusing on – In Thailand These Days Vloggers Are Everywhere! Yes pesky vloggers and most of them annoying – rubbish – idiotic – rude and in some instances downright insulting to the Thailand as a country and some even get personal disparaging the gracious – friendly people of this great country…

To list the phony vloggers in Thailand would take an age and they are not even worthy of a mention!

But like most things in life there is good and bad. Now referencing the bad vloggers loading Thailand referenced content all there is to say they are very bad. But YouTube keeps compiling more and more vlogger videos based on Thailand, for example rubric’s one is likely to find are like or similar to…

A Vlog That Is Very Bad

How to live in thailand without working…

No idea what the content is about but the title gives enough warning – why even look at a vlog like this when every man and his dog know there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Anyone who wants to waste valuable time watching such rubbish is an idiot.

I work on the net full time since 1995 and what I learned almost from the get go – wasted time is useless it stops one from making money. Procrastination is the thief of money and waster of time. Or it can be viewed this way – “Time is a cruel thief to rob us of our former selves. We lose as much to life as we do to death.” – attribution Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey. Done anymore text here is a waste of your time!!!!

One more that I just surfed…

7 Jobs for Foreigners in Thailand
One word appraisal – PLONKER!

This Vlog Is Super Helpful For Any Expat Seeking Work In Thailand – here is the rubric

3 Top Jobs in Thailand for Foreigners

3 Top Jobs in Thailand for Foreigners

This guy is smart – savvy and he tells it how it is! Well Done… NewsPressed has no affiliation with Brett Dev but our brief is NewsPressed picks up all the News that the mainstream and the lamestream media miss because they are too full of self importance and hubris to deliver it to you! So that leaves the best News to ‘NewsPressed We Deliver Because We Care!’

Hey folks we know you do not want a bio about us… So let’s move on to yet another Thailand Vlog that is misleading – unhelpful and in the extreme may lead less wide awake folks into a difficult situation isolated in country far from home – broke – on the street and down and out.

Here is one Vlog that is Total Bullshit!

Living in Chiang Mai for $300 – Jan 2017 Thrifty Living Blog
This guy may well be a trier but what he is a greenhorn with little or zero knowledge of expat life he moved from Chicago to Chiang Mai for his first visit in January 2017… How do I know having lived and worked in the Orient for over 18 years of which approx 10years has been spent in Thailand – one of our offices was in Chiang Mai for over three years, that experience gives me the right to have an opinion…

Now to correct that misleading Vlog here is the reality up pops BrettDev aka Brett Dev one more time who put this great blog together because he was “Pissed Off” with misleading and fake news Vlogs about Chiang Mai…

Can You Really Live on 300 Dollars a Month? | Chiang Mai Cost of Living
Can You Really Live on 300 Dollars a Month? | Chiang Mai Cost of Living

Folks keep you wits about you Like – Follow – Subscribe to
BrettDev aka Brett Dev
BrettDev aka Brett Dev

This guy Brett Dev aka BrettDev is the real deal – tells you what the reality is – that is all you need to know!

In Thailand These Days Vloggers Are Everywhere…


Caveat Emptor – meaning – Expats warning please do background profiling and research before making a move to live and/or work in Thailand – Caveat Emptor Do Not Get Fooled By What You Watch On Some Dumbf**kery Vlog posted by a bullshitting self styled EXPERT!

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