Hurricane Harvey Creates Havoc In Texas

Hurricane Harvey Creates Havoc In Texas…

Hurricane Harvey Damage - Image Copyright IbTimes.Co.Uk
Hurricane Harvey Damage - Image Copyright IbTimes.Co.Uk

Hurricane Harvey Damage – Image Copyright IbTimes.Co.Uk

So this is a USA national disaster and yet the WAPO – Washington Post has turned this human tragedy into a cheap political shot at President Trump!

What about the rescue operation – the humanitarian crisis – the power blackouts – internet down – smartphones out – food shortage – accommodation shelters – food for pets – medical care – hospital care et al…

All this is going on and the dumbf**kery WAPO – Washington Post are posting headers like this…

Mr. President, the flood victims should come first, not your photo op

“Trump has been weirdly animated about the hurricane, exclaiming on Twitter about the unprecedented nature of the damage. Now, as he rushes to the scene (or close to the scene) to get his mug on TV, he might want to reconsider whether he will be blamed for diverting resources from those who need it. Trump loves seeing his own image (e.g. in big trucks, in the Oval Office), but his enthusiasm for the limelight and “looking the part” only emphasizes that he views the presidency as another reality show with him in the leading role.”

This low life disrespectful garbage is attributed to Jennifer Rubin – WashingtonPost.Com

This lowball reporting is an insult to all Texans and all decent hardworking Americans!

But hey folks there is still a lot of hope in the great USA one stellar reader of this tripe commented as follows…

Mike Riley

What a stupid article. Obama did the same thing, But you call Trump on this visit. No wonder your readership is down. Every sitting President visits disaster areas Yes Urnso2 Haters will hate, So very sorry you live in a Democracy

Attribution Mike Riley in WashingtonPost.Com

Hurricane Harvey Creates Havoc In Texas…


When calamity strikes we need to group together and help each other!!! All credit to the great Texan people best wishes on all involved that are working round the clock to help over 300,000 homeless Texans.

Needless to say the phony hack Jennifer Rubin who is so naive, uneducated and stupid to the degree that her remit in the midst of Hurricane Harvey is to fire off cheapskate political shots…

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