How To Be A Loser In Life!

How To Be A Loser In Life…

LOSER - Image Copyright ImagesBuddy.Com

LOSER - Image Copyright ImagesBuddy.Com

LOSER – Image Copyright ImagesBuddy.Com

Wow what a rubric! Well no actually as billions around the world fall into this category. Why? For a multitude of reasons but let’s start by looking at folks who live in benefits hand out “Nanny Countries”. Modern times are strange in so much as billions are not interested in working and achieving something in, and from life. They basically just want to louch around complaining – eating junk food – watching dumbf^ckery programs on TV – sniffing – snorting – swallowing any sorts of drugs and/or stimulants like high energy drinks and of course not forgetting steroid abuse.

In many countries in Europe like for example UK United Kingdom, folks who live on government “Hand Outs” have no regard for genuine citizens who work hard holding down full time jobs to put a roof over their heads, plus food on the tables… The millions of layabouts have no – scruples – morals – ethics et al, they just believe it is their constitutional right to sit at home and wait for the UK government to make the weekly/monthly benefits payout. But the kicker is that all these millions of folks are losers, they have no plans – no aspirations – no ambition!

All they demand is that everything is paid for by the UK government – housing rent – weekly/monthly food is all paid for – free gas – free electric – free water – clothing allowances – children allowances – free schooling – free school meals – exemption no demand to pay TV licenses – free bus pass – discounted train rides – on and on it goes.

Yet the eternal synopsis is that although they are spoon fed and supported every step of the way, they are all losers!

Hey folks and it is not only limited to UK United Kingdom it happens in all the “Nanny States” around the world. Billions quite simply do not want to work! Moreover they have intention of working for a living. They are just losers and the buck stops there!

So folks want to be a loser, it’s easy live in “Nanny Countries”, sit back snort or swallow some drugs, eat junk food, goggle all day at TV and just wait for the weekly/monthly benefits pay out to arrive in the bank and/or check in the post…

How To Be A Loser In Life…

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