High Profile Investor Attacked in His Own Casino Gang Warfare May Be Right Around the Corner

New Century Hotel and Casino

Taipa Island



Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Imagine being beaten up by a group of grown men – how about being beaten up by a group of grown men in your own turf?

This is exactly what happened sometime in June 2012 to Mr. Ng Man-sun. Ng Man sun is a high profile investor who has some ownership (investments) with the Greek Mythology Casino, where he was brutally attacked. Greek Mythology Casino is part of the New Century Hotel in Taipa Island in Macau.

Ng Man-sun is popularly known as Ng Wai and Street Market Wai in Macau and Hong Kong. He is considered as a business tycoon who not only is very smart, but also incredibly gifted in the field of business.

Street Market Wai was having dinner with an unidentified woman in her late 30s at a restaurant inside his casino. Shortly after, six men with hammers and sticks brutally assaulted the two. Witnesses claimed that although the ambush was very physical and dangerous for Ng Man-sun and the woman, the group apparently was doing their best to avoid hitting Mr. Ng Man-sun’s head.

There were severe bruises and injury in Mr. Ng’s arms and legs – luckily he was rushed immediately to the hospital and nothing major was discovered. The woman was not badly hurt and got released from the hospital earlier than Ng.

Ng Man-sun, 65, has controlling stake in Amax Holdings Ltd – a gaming and entertainment investing company. Apparently, there were no known connections between the assault on Street Market Wai and his power over Amax Holdings.

The connection that was being investigated is the looming gang warfare that may be making its way back to the gambling landscape in Macau. Not so long ago Macau had its fair share of problems containing these gang wars, murders, and even bombings.

That seemed to be out of Macau’s problems as of late, but this recent assault on Mr. Ng is very alarming to say the least. Whether this attack was solely intended for Mr. Ng’s demise, this kind of violence is still enough to warrant fear and worry among the people in Macau.

Mr. Ng Man-sun has his own fair share of opponents through the years – most are from gambling. This incident though will not be enough to rattle Street Market Wai. He’s a tough guy and one thing is for sure – Ng Man-sun will never go down without a fight.