Great Blog for Further Info on Credit Card Readers for iPhone and iPad

Wow stumbled across a great blog for further info on credit card readers for iPhone and iPad. Stellar range of card readers they have to, including but not limited to…

iZettle Card Reader and iPad – Chip and PIN – Chip and Sign – Merchants can order a card reader from the iZettle website and the app is downloaded from the app store. Once the IOS version of the app has been installed, merchants can input their products and services. For the Android version the product description and value must be manually input for each transaction.

Sumup – a ‘chip and signature’ system which works with a card reader and app. To take a payment the app is opened, the total displayed on screen and the customer’s card is read by the card reader.

Payleven – iOS and Android – To accept a payment the merchant opens the app on their mobile device and enters the total and description into the app. The customer then puts their payment card into the Payleven chip and PIN machine and enters their PIN. Payment is authorised with the bank via the mobile phone and once verified a receipt is sent via email.

mPowa – mPowa currently offer pre-registration for their chip and PIN device in the UK. Once released the device will allow merchants to accept payments on their mobile devices using an app and the mPowa chip and PIN.

• Plus many more card readers too many to list…

Further Info Great Blog

Great Blog for Further Info on Credit Card Readers for iPhone and iPad…


ChipAndPin-Machines.Com – meaning – Payments made over the phone, by mail order and over the internet are classed as card not present (CNP). In 2010, 36.6 million adults purchased goods online in the UK, making a total of 717 million card payments. For payments made online the merchant will need a special agreement with the merchant services provider. Instead of a chip and PIN machine a payment gateway on the website is used to accept payments. – Attribution to ChipAndPin-Machines.Com.

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