Google Credit Card to join the massive CC Market

Google Credit Card

Year on year one always expects some innovative and exciting new product line and/or internet service from search engine giant Google. So it comes as no surprise to see the USA based leading search engine is joining the credit card market.

For some they may feel this is a late entry into the CC market, well it is just that and if it were almost any other company joining the very competitive and aggressive CC market than Google, then questions would be asked about the viability of search a move but with Google launching a credit card there are very few doubts as they have an existing customer base of billions that by sending a simple opt-in email can convert them to use a Google Credit Card with ease and at next to zero marketing costs.

So hats off to Google and welcome to the all encompassing huge credit card market that without any exemption is a truly well established – massive and profitable global marketplace…

Google Credit Card to join the massive CC Market…

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