Elderly couple traveling with almost 30 kilos of marijuana face charges

An elderly couple faces serious charges in Nebraska after it was discovered that they transported about 30 kilograms of marijuana from California to the east coast, with the purpose of bringing that substance as a “Christmas present” to their families.

According to the York County Sheriff’s Office, in the town of the same name, located one hour west of Lincoln, on Tuesday a uniformed local stopped the vehicle that Patrick Jiron, 83, was driving for a traffic infraction.

His wife, Barbara, 80, also traveled in the car.

The official statement indicates that the Jiron, originally from Clearlake Oaks, in northern California, were traveling on Interstate 70 when the vehicle changed lanes without making the corresponding signal.

When approaching the vehicle, a Toyota Tacoma truck of 2016, the officer immediately detected the presence of marijuana, due to the smell of the unprocessed.

After requesting reinforcements, including the presence of a trained dog, the soldiers found 27 kilograms of marijuana in the Jiron vehicle.

According to Lt. Paul Vrbka, spokesman for the local sheriff’s office, the street value of that amount of cannabis would be about $ 336,000.

It was a substance, in this case, with a high concentration of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Patrick Jiron was arrested and formally charged with illegal possession of marijuana with the intention of selling it and for lacking the necessary documentation to prove that he had paid the corresponding taxes for the purchase.

The old man was released on Wednesday after paying 10% of his bail of $ 100,000.

Due to health problems, his wife was not arrested, the sheriff’s office said.

However, Barbara Jiron faces the same charges.

The official report indicates that, when questioned immediately after committing the traffic offense, Patrick Jiron admitted that he was transporting marijuana in his vehicle and authorized the sheriffs to check the van.

Later, the octogenarian would have indicated that he and his wife were visiting family members in Massachusetts and Vermont, and that marijuana was a “gift” to those people.

The trip from Clearlake Oaks requires about 4,800 kilometers; or what is the same, about 50 hours.

In addition, the police report indicates, the elders would have said they were unaware that in Nebraska it is illegal to transport marijuana.

The investigations have not yet finished and the couple will have to return in January to York to answer the accusations against them.

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