Edward Snowden Voices Concern About Facebook News

Edward Snowden Voices Concern About Facebook News…

Thank You Edward Snowden - Image Copyright BetaNews.Com

Thank You Edward Snowden - Image Copyright BetaNews.Com

Thank You Edward Snowden – Image Copyright BetaNews.Com

After another week of worthless – misleading – untruths unbelievably classified as news on Facebook…

Speaking via video link to Fusion’s Real Future Fair conference in Oakland, California

Edward Snowden quotes…

“There is a big controversy happening right now, about this election particularly, regarding Facebook. There is this claim – which hasn’t really been proved, substantiated, but it’s getting pretty popular – that Facebook rigged the election because they showed fake news,” Snowden said.

“If that was true, if that was possible, and Facebook just put on fake news, and we were persuaded [by it], I think that’s actually very sad indictment of our democracy that our voters could be so easily misled,” he added.

“There seems to be no alternative to the larger services. Because of this network effect, because the first mover advantage. When you get a Google or a Facebook or Twitter in place, they never seem to leave,” Snowden said.

“The Silicon Valley desire for massive, world-eating services, the scale that takes over not only our country but all others, it’s asking us to accept a status quo where we set aside that competition in favor of scale. We should be particularly cautious about embracing this and taking this to be the case.”

“When one service provider makes a bad decision we all suffer for it,” Snowden said.

“To have one company that has enough power to reshape the way we think, I don’t think I need to describe how dangerous that is,” he said.

“People are wondering: ‘Was that a wrong thing?’ Should they have voted for Hillary Clinton, even though they didn’t believe in her, because it could have changed the election?”

“First of all, there are a lot of studies that say third parties would not [change] the election [results]. But even if they have, I think it would be inappropriate to say that people should vote for someone they do not believe in, for someone who doesn’t represent their interests, because we are now getting into a politics that is against choice, belief, progression. You must always choose between two bad options.” All quotes copyright Edward Snowden.

RT.Com ‘Dangerous’: Don’t rely on Facebook as your sole source of news, says Edward Snowden

This type of attack on Facebook is long overdue, as masses and masses of posts are pure and simple nonsense…

Edward Snowden Voices Concern About Facebook News…


Edward Snowden – meaning – “Edward Joseph Snowden (born June 21, 1983) is an American computer professional, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee and former contractor for the United States government who copied and leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013 without prior authorization”. – Quote attribution Wikipedia.Org

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