Despicable UK Press Spanking the Monkey on Roy Hodgson

Low life UK Press and media have been running headlines sledging England Football Manager Roy Hodgson because a source close to the tardy tabloid released a tardy rumor about racism remarks allegedly made by Roy Hodgson – The Sun – have launched into a firestorm of controversy by running these headlines today – Roy Hodgson makes Andros Townsend monkey gaffe – more – ENGLAND boss Roy Hodgson made a race gaffe — when he used the term “feed the monkey” during his half-time team talk against Poland at Wembley. – Attribution to TheSun.Co.Uk

Coming out in support of Roy Hodgson is Stan Collymore – Andros Townsend – Wayne Rooney to name a few of the 1000s who are voicing out support for Roy Hodgson on social media websites.

The Sun once again showcasing what wankers they are as a news organization and what bottom troffers the paper journalists are as they stoop lower than a rattle snake wearing a top hat as they crawl under stones in search of drama and disparaging nonsense.

Despicable UK Press Spanking the Monkey on Roy Hodgson…


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