Denmark ‘Operation Umbrella’ Sex Tape 1,000 Charged

Denmark ‘Operation Umbrella’ Sex Tape 1,000 Charged…

The material was shared via Facebook - Image Copyright Pixabay - Facebook

The material was shared via Facebook – Image Copyright Pixabay – Facebook –

An illegal sex tape has been circulating in Denmark and the national police have rounded up 1,000 people who have to some degree been involved in the sex tapes – exact charges yet to be detailed. As the number of people under police scrutiny and questioning is 1,000 it is safe to say that the police case ‘Operation Umbrella will run for some considerable length of time into the future…

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CPH POST ONLINE Over a thousand Danish youths charged for sharing sex video

Denmark ‘Operation Umbrella’ Sex Tape 1,000 Charged…


Operation Umbrella – meaning – A 2015 Denmark police program to stop and prevent the distribution of child pornography.

CPH POST ONLINE – meaning – Serious ramifications – more – “The police action is the largest in Danish history involving the sharing of offensive images of children. – more – Those found guilty face conditional sentences of around 20 days in prison, while the conviction will go on their criminal record for at least two years. They will also spend at least ten years on the child offence registry – which would bar them from working in jobs relating to children, such as teaching, sports coaching etc. – more – The case began in 2015 when Facebook received reports that two video sequences and an image containing sexual material involving individuals under the age of 18 were being shared among young people on the chat-platform Messenger. – more – The material continued to be shared until late 2017 before Facebook informed the US authorities, which passed the info on to Europol, which in turn alerted the Danish police.” – Quote attribution CPHPost.Dk

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