December 2016 – Fox News Channel Outdated Program Format

December 2016 – Fox News Channel Outdated Program Format…

Fox News Channel Logo - Image Copyright TV14.Net
Fox News Channel Logo - Image Copyright TV14.Net

Fox News Channel Logo – Image Copyright TV14.Net

NewsPressed long been a follower and supporter of the Fox News Channel.

Very impressed with the new studio set up for the Presidential Election, thought the delivery and presentation was so creative effective and impressive. Featuring the latest hi tech screens and data connectivity solutions, cutting edge technology with viewer friendly visual layout. Overall up there with the very best TV studios on the planet.

But! Here is the problem in December 2016 – Fox News Channel Outdated Program Format!

Morning news shows are first rate and with a good changing variety of content and programs format. However as the day goes on the level of show presentation deteriorates until at what should be the daily peak viewing time along come the worst shows of the day…

These three shows are a shambles

The O’Reilly Factor

Oh my this show is ancient – out dated and completely out of touch with how news should be delivered and presented in 2016. Seems to be in a permanent ICU on life support. Have doubts whether there is drug anyone where in the world that can prevent O’Reilly Factor from getting killed off. Died years ago and now churns out a ghostly resurrection of drudgery and boredom.

The Kelly File

This show is simply dreadful, it delivers to viewers the feel that this show is just in competition with Hannity and The O’Reilly Factor. Then on nearly every show there is time out to promote some ghastly self serving book. Are there no business folks in the Fox News set up. Because what is needed is firm directives that each show must deliver to capture the viewers time and attention. Lately this terrible show has daily almost the same content as Hannity and O’Reilly Factor. Get a life folks 3 hours of back to back – same – same is the way to accelerate the end of these trio of lousy shows.These shows are in an irrelevant time warp and need urgently rejigging and re-formating.

Hannity on Fox News

Not going to knock this show. Suffice to say any show would be in bad shape if it was unfortunate to go live nightly after the shambolic – The O’Reilly Factor – The Kelly File. When nightly viewing is killed early in the evening it is big stretch to expect Hannity show to press all the right buttons. Sean Hannity has all the right skill sets and experience to make this show great. But without a complete production and direction overall this show is also heading into the trashcan. Sean Hannity time to knocks the heads together of the show producer and director and get the show back on track with a creative 2017 style format and delivery.

December 2016 – Fox News Channel Outdated Program Format…

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