David Moyes Must Be Axed Now – Disgraceful Misogynist Sunderland FC Football Manager

David Moyes Must Be Axed Now – Disgraceful Misogynist Sunderland FC Football Manager…

David Moyes - Image Copyright TheRepublikOfMancunia.Com

David Moyes - Image Copyright TheRepublikOfMancunia.Com

David Moyes – Image Copyright TheRepublikOfMancunia.Com

Stomach churning misogny remarks made by serial loser the pathetic nauseating Sunderland FC football manager David Moyes must ensure he is fired now! No excuses – no delays – no reviews – no deliberations simply the immediate termination of his contract as football manager of Sunderland FC…

This incompetent overpaid English Premier League – EPL useless football coach hardly ever wins any EPL games, forever making excuses when he loses time after time.

Now he has been disparaging a female BBC reporter.

At a press conference held Monday, April 03 – 2017

David Moyes had this to say…

Why did you say what you did to the reporter?
“It was the heat of the moment. The business we’re in, sometimes you only have seconds to think and answer. So, you know, it was the wrong thing to do.

But that particular language, threatening to slap someone, how regrettable was that?
“I have said that I regret it. I have spoken to the girl, who I apologised to, and she accepted it.

The shadow sports minister has called for you to resign, did you ever consider that?
“No, never a consideration.

So you think you can survive this?
“Yes. I don’t see it as being something which is in my character. It is something which is out of character. As I said, I’ve apologised to the girl.

Are you indebted to Vicki for accepting the apology?
“Yeah, yeah. She was fine, she accepted it. I phoned her on the Monday morning.

Have you had to speak to anyone at the club about it?
Chief executive or owner?
“I spoke to Martin immediately after it happened. I spoke to Ellis about it on the Monday morning as well. They were aware of it two weeks ago.

Do you think it will cost you your job?

Gary Lineker has tweeted that it has highlighted the tendency for managers to treat interviewers with utter disdain, it’s inexcusable. Do you agree with that?
“No, I don’t agree. In the heat of the moment, sometimes the questions come in and you can answer them wrongly. You don’t always say the right things.

It is a big issue that there are groups trying to get more women involved in the professional game, do you think that kind of comment is a deterrent?
“I think if you look at my history, I have actually been one of the biggest ones campaigning for women’s football. I tried to make sure we had Everton Ladies. At Manchester United, I was very keen on them having one.

“My daughter played for Preston until she was 19. I actually think to ask about ladies football and myself, you’re asking the wrong person.

As for women in football, you’re supportive?

But there is going to be anger about this?
“Yeah, that’s right, here will be. As I said, I deeply regret and I’ve done what I had to do and apologised, which I was right to do so.

Will this distract from the football?
“No, because as I’ve said, it was two or three weeks ago. For some reason, it’s been brought up now.

Do you still want to carry on?
“Yes, I want to do the job and I want to get it right. There’s been a lot of difficulties, but I want to be here.
“This club has not been winning often enough for a long time now. It’s been a difficult season for lots of reasons, but I believe there are better times to come.

There are previous examples of Ron Atkinson and Malky Mackay, is there a concern this could escalate to that level in the next 48 hours?
“No. I think you all know my character, you know who I am. Anybody you want to ask to speak for me, they will tell you different.

What have your family said about?
“I’ve been with my wife last night and this morning, she’s been up, we had breakfast this morning. So, all good. My daughter as well.”

End of Press Conference narrative…

Well Mr David Moyes it will escalate until you are where you belong… Out of work counting your millions of UK pounds in the bank.

This type of conduct in public by an overpaid English Premier League – EPL official as these type of events and similar bring the game of football into disrepute

David Moyes Must Be Axed Now – Disgraceful Misogynist Sunderland FC Football Manager…

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