Chris Froome Salbutamol Doping Hypocrisy

Chris Froome Salbutamol Doping Hypocrisy…

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The claim that Chris Froome and his defence states that he has not broken any TUE rules – stinks to high heaven!

The defense lawyers for Chris Froome will be…

Morgan Sports Law

3 More London Riverside

+44 207 061 6264

+44 207 117 1818

One of the leading lawyers is Mike Morgan but there success rate in defending sports stars does not look very good… Here are some examples

#1 – Lance Armstrong – Cycling – Guilty.

#2 – Lizzie Deignan – Cycling – Not Guilty.

#3 – Sergio Henao – Cycling – Not Guilty.

#4 – Alberto Contador – Cycling – Guilty.

#5 – Johan Bruyneel – Cycling – Guilty.

#6 – Maria Sharapova – Tennis – Guilty.

#7 – Marin Cilic – Tennis – Guilty.

#8 – Veronica Campbell-Brown – Athletics – Guilty.

#9 – Mamadou Sakho – Football – Ban Revoked – Not Guilty.

#10 – Mohamed Bin Hammam – Football – Guilty life ban handed down.

#11 – Daryl Impey – Cycling – Not Guilty.

Eleven high profile cases – 7 Guilty – 4 Not Guilty. 6 Cases involving only cycling – 3 Not Guilty – 3 Guilty. In reference to cycling the defense record of Morgan Sports Law 3 cases won, 3 cases lost. On that basis alone Chris Froome has only a 50% chance of eing found innocent of doping. But it does not stop there because 2 similar offenses in pro cycling both resulting in bans of Diego Ulissi and Alessandro Petacchi both receiving long bans from pro cycling.

Chris Froome has the odds stacked against him as he has to explain to the UCI how his sample contained 2,000ng/ml of salbutamol, twice the limit of 1,000ng/ml.

Another issue that Chris Froome has to deal with is ex Team Sky teammate Bradley Wiggins who hates Froome with a passion. Plus out of today’s riders in the peloton are starting to hate Chris Froome namely – quote – Tony Martin ‘totally angry’ at ‘double standards’ in Chris Froome salbutamol case – Quote attribution Cycling Weekly aka CyclingWeekly.Com

Chris Froome Salbutamol Doping Hypocrisy…


TUE – meaning – Therapeutic Use Exemption means any drug to a specific level may be legally used while competing in cycle races under UCI rules.

Cycling News Comments

Whenever they hire a lawyer they are looking for a loophole or to scare the authorities into giving up.
Hiring this lawyer in my opinion says he was caught and is trying to find a way out.
Ban him now.

Tony Larosa
I’ve mentioned this before. They learned from Postal and Armstrong what not to do in defying the fans. All I kept hearing is how nice this Froome guy is, so he couldn’t possibly be cheating. Right !

Jacob Pierpoint
If I was Froome, I would try to distance myself from the practices of former dopers like Contador, Bruyneel, etc. as much as possible and not hire the same lawyer even if he’s very good.

He should’ve gotten an attorney not associated with those guys. It’s a judgement issue. Lance didn’t fair well legally or publicly.

You are in a fight that is questioning your judgement and you make his kind of decision? It’s not about guilt or innocence at this point, it’s about credibility. How many innocent people have we seen win their case and lose credibility.

Hiring an attorney after denying he doped is an obvious admission of guilt. Hopefully, Froome will be treated like Lance was. He broke the rules he agreed to, so his guilt is without question.

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UCI – meaning – The Union Cycliste Internationale is the world governing body for sports cycling and oversees international competitive cycling events. – Quote attribution Wikipedia.Org

Chris Froome Salbutamol Doping Hypocrisy…

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