Chris Froome Kidney Dysfunction Defense

Chris Froome Kidney Dysfunction Defense…

Chris Froome - Team Sky - Image Copyright Lemde.Fr

Chris Froome – Team Sky – Image Copyright Lemde.Fr

Anytime the person going by the name “doctornurse” who posted comments as follows in Cycling Weekly, is looking for a new job there is one waiting for you with Team NewsPressed…

Ohhhhh….. Okay well, THAT’S a perfectly reasonable explanation….

No problem… I totally understand….

So the kidney(s) that functioned PERFECTLY All season and that helped Chris Froome precisely regulate fluids and electrolytes (and return normal salbutamol readings in his urine) during his ENTIRE CAREER as an elite, competitive professional athlete failed to function… Once

….But wouldn’t ya know it! The dammnedest thing happened! The one time that damn fool kidney failed to function was THE ONE DAY

Froome failed a urine control for for salbutamol and- so sorry about this- he accidentally let 100% more salbutamol in his urine than is permitted….

But funny story! That tricky kidney only failed for that ONE TEST during the Vuelta. Judging from his performance in the WC TT and these incredible rides he is posting on Strava in the intense South African sunshine, the kidney quietly resumed its perfect function precisely regulating his fluids and electrolytes afterwards?

I wonder if that cheeky kidney has a vanishing twin???

Okay Froomey. Good luck with that.

Just a note Bro- Kidney dysfunction is not something that you can schedule, and is not something that comes and goes- Unlike cycling careers.

When kidneys fail, they FAIL and your ability to perform at the highest athletic level (like in Bergen and these enormous rides on Strava) becomes completely impossible.

Its much more likely that your kidneys function immaculately, and that after you took something in a form or a dosage that was significantly higher than normal, the kidneys did their job and you got popped…

But hey, have a go with this defense and see what happens! Stranger things have happened- I mean I know of a chubby Kenyan cycling also-ran with a nothing career who triumphed over bilharzia, asthma and now kidney failure to develop into a multiple time TdF Champion in about 3 years.

“Finally, the last thing I’ll say to the people who don’t believe in cycling, the cynics and the sceptics: I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry that you can’t dream big. I’m sorry you don’t believe in miracles.” -Lance Armstrong’s Farewell speech at the Champs-Élysées podium, after cheating his way to a seventh Tour de France,

Believe in miracles Chris!

Believe in miracles Chris!

Damion doctornurse

“That One random failure just so happenned to be the day of a control for salbutamol…”

FFS, his Salbutamol levels were tested every day, there’s no wild ‘coincidence’ that makes this possible explanation so conveniently coincidental like you suggest.

John Westwell doctornurse

You don’t seem to know much about kidney problems.

If you have a fairly mild urinary infection, that will impair kidney function temporarily. In certain circumstances, it can have

serious a impact, up to and including hospitalisation. In other cases the symptoms are quite mild, but whatever the seriousness of the infection, kidney function is adversely affected. The problem can quickly be cleared up with medical intervention, leaving no long-lasting ill-effects.

Now I’ve no idea if kidney problems are a valid reason for the increased level of salbutamol, but the UCI has hired a kidney expert to assess the evidence, and I’m suspecting that he or she will know more about that likelihood than you.

andyoldlabour John Westwell

Just a slight correction here.
It is Chris Froome who has brought together a team of legal and scientific experts to help him fight his case – not the UCI.
They will be determined to link a POSSIBLE cause/reaction/reason with various factors which come into play when exercising at that level whilst taking medication.
They will be desperate to get Froome off the hook.

John Westwell andyoldlabour

Yes, Froome and Sky have hired someone. But the article says that the UCI has also hired an expert in kidney problems to assess the case, which is how L’Equipe has inferred that that’s going to be the argument his team presents.

doctornurse John Westwell

Hi John, true, I am no a nephrologist.

But I know quite a bit about kidney finction and the liklilhood that they will return an AAF at 100% above normal ONCE is minimal to zero (assuming the test was performed correctly and the sample not mishandles etc).

Correct. Even a mild infection will impair kidney function temporarily. Yes, any degree of kidney impairment can have major consequences up to and including hospitalisation.

Consequently, the overwhelming majority of people with even mild. low level, or chronic kidney insufficiency are NOT going to be racing Nibali and Contador up some of the steepest, most difficult mountains in the cycling world in 40 degree Spanish Heat for 3 weeks.

He is arguing that a dramatic, acute and significant amount of kidney failure happened ONCE then his kidneys returned to normal the NEXT DAY? (remember, he is tested every day he is in the leaders jersey)

Also, while Froome is a fragile asthmatic with a history of Bilharzia, he has never complained of/gave no gins of any kidney problems or of any treatment for any kidney issues. Certainly his athletic performance did not point to any problems with kidney function.

No. His kidneys processed the salbutamol Chris Froome took into his body as usual. When he took a normal amount, they excreted a normal amount for several days in a row.

When Froome took significantly more than normal, kis kidneys dumped 100% more than normal in his urine and got popped.

When he resumed taking a normal amount, he returned normal amounts in his urine again.

That is NOT a sign of renal failure. this is a sign of someone who got careless with his “glow time”. Happens to the best of them (literally).

Believe in Miracles Chris!!

Read the full article in Cycling Weekly about Chris Froome and his planned Kidney Dysfunction defense – Right Here! – Right Now!

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Chris Froome Kidney Dysfunction Defense…

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