China Beijing Guangzhou Rail Link To Open 12/26/2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

This coming week sees the opening of one of the world’s great rail links the super high speed bullet train service that will travel from Beijing all the way down to Guangzhou

China railways ministry have issued this report – quote – Ministry of Railways – The 2,298-km – 1,428-mile – line, parts of which are already in operation, will begin full service on Wednesday, halving travel time to less than 10 hours on trains which will run at 300 kph – 186 mph. – more – “High-speed railways are needed for national development, for the people and for regional communication. Many countries have boosted their economies by developing high-speed rail,”

This is great news as the mega billion USD contract has been dogged by problems, even experiencing the embarrassment of two trains crashing back in 2011. The accident  occurred when a high-speed train rammed into another stranded on the track after being hit by lightning near to eastern coastal city of Wenzhou.

China Beijing Guangzhou Rail Link To Open 12/26/2012…

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