Caveat Emptor Beware of Kevin Harper from British Law in Pattaya

Chanty Rastler
Tuesday, Nov 06, 2012

Years ago when common criminals left UK – United Kingdom they often popped up again, carrying on the old criminal ways in countries easy to access like Spain – Holland et al

But now circa 2012 it is all change they settle down in almost any country that they can exploit and benefit financially from! Hence to hear that a dodgy ex UK solicitor from Blackburn is enjoying life in Pattaya Thailand and ripping off clients through a company he has set up – British Law.

Now Mr Kevin Harper is not the real deal he is in fact just a common or garden criminal chameleon akin to as they say in Scotland a ‘Chanty Rastler’ Why do we describe Kevin Harper of British Law as a ‘Chanty Rastler’ – easy because anyone who uses his legal services is going to be shocked when they get the bill. As the ex UK solicitor who is struck off in England will crap all over you and unload upon you an astronomical bill with unrealistic charges and fees that often people who receive these bills are so alarmed that they need to use a ‘Chanty Rastler’ as they have crapped their pants in shock!

Kevin Harper UK Background Profile

Kevin Harper, who formerly worked at Josephs Solicitors in Blackburn, Lancashire, was struck off in 2009 in case number 9816 2007 – Attribution to Andrew-Drummond.Com

British Law
• Kevin Harper of “British Law” on 3rd Rd in Pattaya about 200m south of Pattaya Klang
• Welcome to The British Law Company Limited.
• 395/3 Moo 9. Pattaya 3rd Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150.

Caveat Emptor Beware of Kevin Harper from British Law in Pattaya…


‘Chanty Rastler’ – meaning – Scottish slang word for a chamber pot!

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