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USA Going After Julian Assange

SA Going After Julian Assange… Julian Assange – Image Copyright TheEventChronicle.Com So the USA have decided to go after Julian Assange and his website WikiLeaks.Org, prosecution papers have been filed and now the process is about to begin to get him back to the USA where they will attempt to get a jury to run [...]

Bill O’Reilly What Next?

Bill O’Reilly What Next? Worst Week Ever Bill O’Reilly – Image Copyright MemeGenerator.Net & Meme.Am So the Fox News king has lost his throne… Never mind USA always has a place for bullshitters after all the States has many of them! But the question that poses analysis is if Bill O’Reilly goes it alone he [...]

Michele Scarponi 1979-2017 Goodbye Dear Friend

Michele Scarponi 1979-2017 Goodbye Dear Friend… Michele Scarponi 1979-2017 – Image Copyright BikeMagazine.Com.Br Today fate laid down a cruel hand in central Italy as much beloved Italian professional cycling superstar Michele Scarponi was out on his bike training when he was killed by a minibus on a cross roads near the Scarponi family home in [...]

$20 Trillion Dollar Debt $4 Trillion Dollar Revenue USA Is Broke

$20 Trillion Dollar Debt $4 Trillion Dollar Revenue USA Is Broke USA $20 Trillion National Debt Is Poised To Become A Major Crisis – Image Copyright Spindoctors – politicians – dreamers – dim dozy Hollywood left – TV pundits – Press lamestream and mainstream all these and more cannot workout basic math namely that USA [...]

Inside North Korea – Hyesan

Inside North Korea – Hyesan… Hyesan From Changbai – Image Copyright WikiMedia.Org Always in the news these days is North Korea, but the reality is that very little is known outside about what goes on inside North Korea. Is it like a prison? Some say that! Is it locked in a timewarp – with a [...]

Allahu Akbar Is Not The Same As God Is Great

Allahu Akbar Is Not The Same As God Is Great… Allahu Akbar – Image Copyright BlogSpot.Com Billions of folks around the world are pushing back against the PC – Politically Correct brigade. To start the religions of Islam and Christianity are fundamentally different, hence the two meanings of Allahu Akbar and God Is Great are [...]

Fox News Axe Bill O’Reilly

Fox News Axe Bill O’Reilly… Bill O’Reilly – Image Copyright TheBlaze.Com NewsPressed saw it coming – NewsPressed Fox News Under More Pressure To Axe Bill O’Reilly the axe has been sharpened for days and it appears that fox News head honcho Rupert Murdoch ordered the rapid single sharp use of the axe and Bill O’Reilly [...]

Mikhail Gorbachev Is Right Russia Deserve Respect

Mikhail Gorbachev Is Right Russia Deserve Respect… Mikhail Gorbachev & Vladimir Putin – Image Copyright CounterCurrentNews.Com Often along with ageing and experience comes wisdom! Such is the solid – stable – reliable position that former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev is in right today mid April 2017. He has come out in condemnation of the unwanted [...]

UK Election June 08 2017 – For BREXIT Mandate

UK Election June 08 2017 – For BREXIT Mandate… BREXIT – EU – Image Copyright HuffPost.Com So UK Prime Minister Theresa May has keeled over under BREXIT pressure and called for a UK Election June 08 2017… Should be interesting as both the holding Conservative Government and the main opposition Labour Party are filled with [...]

USA War Puppet UK Deploys Troops – Tanks – Armour In Estonia

USA War Puppet UK Deploys Troops – Tanks – Armour In Estonia The 51st State? – Image Copyright Sott.Com Ever feel embarrassed and ashamed to be British, it is quite easy to find out why. As in live through the civil war in Lebanon and Gulf War One while working in Syria – Jordan – [...]

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