Bulgarian Mafia being Infiltrated by Anti-Mafia Secret Agents



Eastern Europe

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Bulgaria has been well documented down the years and Misha Glenny in his excellent 2008 book ‘McMafia’ showcased a blazing insight into the illegal power brokers in this volatile and dangerous Eastern European country where the Bulgarian Mafia all but run the country. The ruthless criminals steer the Bulgarian political stooges to dress up the country on terms set by the warlords pulling all the strings in the background.

Now in 2012 four years on maybe the iron grip of the mafia is under pressure as a Bulgaria Government Anti-Mafia force has been set up to attempt to weaken and break up the mafia gangs. The Anti-Mafia force is proving effective and they are employing many women secret agents who they can use to infiltrate into the mafia strongholds and gain valuable inside knowledge on both crimes and the names of the mafia criminals.

Chief Directorate for Combating Organized Crime – quote – Infiltrators are most often used to investigate crime rings specialized in drugs, human trafficking, counterfeiting, illegal arms dealing.

Bulgarian Mafia being Infiltrated by Anti-Mafia Secret Agents…

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