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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bingley is a famous Yorkshire town positioned within half an hour drive to the gateway to the majestic Yorkshire Dales. Bingley aka The Throstle’s Nest of England midway betwixt Bradford and Keighley nestled on the banks of the River Aire is home to a number of world famous landmarks – Bingley Little Theatre – Damart Buildings – Myrtle Park – Bingley Railway Station –  plus the now boarded up former Head Office for the now bankrupt Bradford and Bingley Building Society.

But we believe the most famous landmark in Bingley is the amazing Five Rise Locks on the Leeds–Liverpool Canal arguably one of the greatest waterways and canals engineering feats of all time that enables boats to either drop down or rise over 59 feet in less than 320 feet through a series of 6 gates and a stepped five locks process. Five Rise Locks is listed as a Grade 1 structure.

But here is the significant news for Five Rise Locks in 2012 major renovation works are underway.

Here is clip of the works in progress report courtesy of British Waterways – quote – British Waterways has drained the Grade I listed structure for maintenance revealing the bottom of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal and the impressive 23ft high brick walls that line it. – more – The work, which includes replacing four of the six gates on the 18th century structure to improve safety, is expected to cost £250,000 and is likely to take seven weeks to complete.

This project is big news in the construction world because of the level engineering detail, but also the works will attract tens of thousands of visitors who will go to the Five Rise Locks to watch in awe the renovation works in progress.

Each three-and-a-half tonne lock gate will be removed by heavy cranes hired at rates north of £4,000 per day the cranes will be able to lift the dead weights only after the crane bases have been ballasted the towpath walls have been reinforced with 85 tonnes of stone ballast to take the weight.

The engineers from British Waterways are staging an open construction site and laying on tours for visitors to watch this spectacular Five Rise Locks renovation as engineers replace four of the existing six lock gates with new oak lock gates made at Stanley Ferry Workshop in Wakefield – one of only two lock gate workshops in the country.

For anyone in the area this is a must see event that will amaze all the family!

Bingley Five Rise Locks Renovations…


Five Rise Locks – An open weekend will take place on January 28 and 29 from 10am to 3pm, when there will be a chance to descend deep into the lock to walk along the canal bottom and speak with British Waterways experts.

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