Best Website For Guys – Funny Pics and Videos

Guy's Humor

Guy's Humor

Hey guys what is missing right now when you go online!!!

Puzzled? Why are you wrapped up in old dead and buried social media hype – like Facebook – Twitter et al and more…

This site is surprised at how dated dull and boring you dudes out there are…

GuysHumor.Com is laughing at you all. Why? Because you do not get it – DO YOU!!!
Wise up now the ‘Best Website For Guys’ is Right Here – Right Now

Best Website For Guys Funny Pics and Videos

Are you happy now that you got to see one of the best bits of ‘2015 Eye Candy’ drooling over super hottie Sophie Holzmeister…

Stop right now before you Exit…

Get your eyes back in there to Guy’s Humor – Your Online Man Cave…

The only way out of here, is to get right back in there and watch all the ‘Funny Pics and Videos’

Best Website For Guys – Funny Pics and Videos…

Wall Street Trader Review – ‘I am such a jerk in my social life – but at work I have razor sharp reactions… So what has made me follow a billion brain dead folks who spend hour after hour on completely nonsense sites like Facebook – Twitter et al. At last my loins on seeing Sophie Holzmeister sent an erect dart that embedded in my brain giving me a social media lobotomy shot in the head as out of my skull via the eject button went Facebook and Twitter… Resulting in a life changing experience more earnings at work and more things to get my nether regions erect and excited. Thanks goes to Guy’s Humor Best Website For Guys – Funny Pics and Videos… who are now number one in my brain and social media activities…’


Best Website For Guys – meaning – “Sophie Holzmeister (@sophilovi) is a 23 year old stunner from Rio De Janeiro” – Attribution to GuysHumor.Com

Funny Pics and Videos – meaning – “Pics Videos Insta Hottie Stories Music” – Attribution to GuysHumor.Com

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