August 29 2017 Pot Pourri Of Today’s US News Comments

August 29 2017 Pot Pourri Of Today’s US News Comments…

North Korean Troops - Image Copyright ChinaDaily.Com
North Korean Troops - Image Copyright ChinaDaily.Com

North Korean Troops – Image Copyright ChinaDaily.Com

Our remit here at NewsPressed is to deliver news and/or news comments that many will not have seen, the comments are collected at random from several TV and Press Media outlets…


1 – Breitbart.Com from header – In Full: Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s Explosive White House Resignation Letter

Pattée Cross – Nationalist

The Greatest Enemy of We The People is the militant Marxist Media…

McCarthy was RIGHT! Invoke “The Communist Control Act of 1954” and stop $oro$’s Purple Revolution in America! This is NOT a “soft” coup…THIS IS A DELIBERATE HARD COUP by the Communists burrowed within the American bureaucracy and those who command the 4th Estate!

They are using their vicious, paramilitary, mercenary Mobile Marxist Militias—AntiFa, BLM and Black Bloc—to violently attackpeaceful, hardworking Americans in our cities and in our Capitol!



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2 – RT.Com from header – ‘Economic censorship’: YouTube bans advertisers from Ron Paul videos


It’s funny to watch everyone talk bad about google, youtube, america — yet they use google, youtube and the american made internet.

And they speak England’s language, but constantly talk bad about all of it. Just weird really. Don’t like the west? Don’t speak english. Don’t like the west? Don’t use twitter, google, youtube, ect. It’s all american/western made. Why use what you don’t like?

Because your an arm chair activist.

Attribution – RT.Com/usa/401240-ron-paul-youtube-demonetization-censorship-advertisers/

3 – Salon.Com from header – Arpaio pardon may be opening act of a constitutional crisis

Bret Zeller · Superhero at None of your Business

Trump is the lawfully elected executive of the United States. One of his powers, is the supreme and uncontestable authority to pardon whomever he wants, for any reason he wants. The Constitution doesn’t limit it, so there is no limit. The US is a Constitutional Republic, but the states are effectively democracies, and the electoral vote is today simply weighted voting, not an actual electoral college due to the way the laws are written.

Trump was invariably going to be sworn in, and now he has all of his powers, without restriction from anyone else. That’s not controversial. Additionally, Arpaio was convicted by an unelected bureaucrat, so I’m not upset an elected one pardoned him.

Additionally, “respecting the rule of law” means respecting the Constitution, first and foremost. The president is given absolute pardon authority in the Constitution, so refusing to respect the president’s direct pardon, is the largest possible resistance to “rule of law” that can be enacted.

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4 – DailyMail.Co.Uk from header – ‘We will exterminate North Korea’s leadership’: Seoul drops eight bombs near border and threatens to depose Kim Jong-un who says U.S. will be to blame for ‘catastrophic consequences’ after he launched a missile over Japan

Blackmore – Ludlow, United Kingdom.

If Kim keeps on wearing that white jacket, people will begin to realise that he has to do part time work as an ice cream man to make ends meet. Now, I’m not saying that working hard is a bad thing, but when you have designs on global domination, as Kimbo does, it’s bad enough having your army kitted out from the British Heart Foundation (why pay more?), without telegraphing to the world that the supreme leader hasn’t got two wons to rub together. My advice to Kim would be to get his chap in the London embassy to trot over to the BBC costume department and see if they’ll donate Billy Bunter’s old blazer to him. I reckon that deep blue jacket with the yellow piping will give Kim a real presence, and it might convey the impression that his mum and dad could at least afford to have sent him to a decent school!

Attribution – DailyMail.Co.Uk/news/article-4831230/North-Korea-launches-missile-Japan.html

5 – WashingtonPost.Com from header – Trump is dragging us toward a full-blown crisis. Here’s what has to happen now.


Since the beginning of history, leaders have done whatever it takes to acquire wealth, power, influence, and domination. Doesn’t matter what the truth is, what ethics dictate, or what tradition has held. They are malignant lying narcissists. Those leaders have no concern for people, or for right and wrong (except to stay out of jail). You can think of many 20th century examples. Self over country, people, law.

Trump is one such leader. Will do anything to gain wealth, ratings, attention, and notoriety. Trump cares less about law, ethics, the nation, the Constitution, and tradition. He likely has no idea about history other than his own.

And that is what we have for a Fake-POTUS, and you can write the script for the rest.

Attribution – WashingtonPost.Com

August 29 2017 Pot Pourri Of Today’s US News Comments…


Summary – meaning – What is happening to this wonderful world that we are all blessed to live in! Yet very few seem to have any idea how to safeguard and care for people, moreover the globe is being more and more contaminated by the day. The horrors of how the world we all live has gone to rack and ruin in just the last 50 years alone – Disgraceful Insanity!

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