Arsenal Have To Win Europa League Cup

Arsenal Have To Win Europa League Cup…

UEFA Europa League - Image Copyright UEFA.Com

UEFA Europa League – Image Copyright UEFA.Com

Arsenal did not turn up at Wembley on Saturday as Spurs beat them 1-0. But the score hid the difference in the two teams, Arsenal held Tottenham in the first half. But after the break Arsenal were terrible – woeful an embarrassment the Gunners now have very little chance of an EPL top four finish. When it comes down to big games Arsenal are expected to play well, they love playing at Wembley but against Spurs after the break they were simply terrible…

Arsene Wenger has been a great manager but of late has come in for fierce criticism, more relevant the critics have been right!

Arsene does not seem to be able to get his team motivated, they can play great attacking football but the defense is often woeful. In the game against Spurs Mesut Ozil and Henrikh Mkhitaryan failed to impress, when that happens the Gunners are clueless they have no plan B. They either win by all out attack or as they did against Spurs they simply fold and disappear.

What is left for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger this year?

The football league cup final when they play super Manchester City. An Arsenal win will be a surprise to say the least!

So if they fail to beat Manchester City that means all they have left to play for is to win the Europa League Cup. That will be a huge bonus and a place in the next Champions League. The upshot is plain to see win the Europa League Cup and Arsene Wenger will still be in a job next year. Failure in the Europe and it is very hard to see how Arsene Wenger can remain as manager of Arsenal FC.

Arsenal Have To Win Europa League Cup…

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