Alabama Voters Say No To Bigoted Roy Moore Wild Horse

Alabama Voters Say No To Bigoted Roy Moore Wild Horse…

Wild Horse - Image Copyright Vix.Com

Wild Horse – Image Copyright Vix.Com

So the Alabama voters decided that they had heard too much bullcrap coming from the mouth of Republican Judge Roy Moore that when it came to election day they turned against alleged accused pedophile Judge Roy Moore and voted into the Senate Democrat Doug Jones…

What is clear about dysfunctional US politics is that bad – dishonest – lying politicians can make a living from donor sponsors and hand outs. A clear case of asinine US politics is on show here in Alabama where bigot Roy Moore has been beaten at the ballot box but will not concede defeat either until God confirms his defeat and/or until he goes back to his sponsors to divvy up tens of thousands of US dollars for a recount as God has not yet accepted that Democrat Doug Jones beat Republican Roy Moore by a country mile!

1st – What has God got to do with politics?

2nd – Why is Roy Moore questioning the first vote count?

3rd – Why did Republican Roy Moore turn out on election day riding a goddam horse?

Here are the latest vote counts

Alabama Vote total Percent

Doug Jones 671,151 49.92

Roy Moore 650,436 48.38

Write-ins 22,780 1.69

100 percent of precincts reporting

Total ballots cast: 1,346,147

Total registered voters: 3,326,812

Voter turnout: 40.46 percent

Counties reported: 67 of 67

To which Roy Moore has responded – “When the vote is this close, it’s not over.”

Bullcrap! What is clear the voters have decided that Roy Moore is unfit for any job in US politics!

By law there cannot be a recount unless the result divides the candidates by less than 0.5% of number of votes. That is not the case with the latest results in so far which shows Doug Jones with a clear lead with 1.54% more votes than Roy Moore.

Back in the US 2016 Presidential Elections Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a wide 28% of the votes…

Candidate Party  Votes Pct. E.V.
Donald J. Trump Republican 1,318,255 62.1% 9
Hillary Clinton Democrat 729,547 34.4 —
Gary Johnson Independent 44,467 2.1 —
Others Independent 21,712 1.0 —
Jill Stein Independent 9,391 0.4

Enough said the US voters have had enough of bullcrap if Roy Moore had fezzed up and dropped his insane devotion to God – dishonesty and lying, all he needed to do was be uncomplicated and straight up honest. If he had done that then Roy Moore would not have lost the Alabama Senatorial Election December 12th 2017.

Alabama Voters Say No To Bigoted Roy Moore Wild Horse…

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