Accra Melcom Store Collapses Many People Trapped

Accra Melcom Store

Wednesday, Nov 07,

The Melcom store in Accra, Ghana has collapsed today leaving many people trapped inside the building.

This clip of breaking news coming in from BCC – quote – Maybe up to 50 people may be trapped underneath the collapsed building – more – an eye witness said – “I had to run for my life. I was so terrified. I believe there are lots of people trapped under this because this is a heavily patronised shopping mall in the area.” Attribution to BBC – BBC.Co.Uk

The six story building has completely collapsed and is now a pile of rubble where maybe up to fifty people are trapped.

Rescue operations are underway and no official news yet in about injuries and possible deaths after the Melcom Store building collapsed in the center of Accra, Ghana earlier today…

More news to follow as the news comes in!

Accra Melcom Store Collapses Many People Trapped…

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