A Day In The Life Of Foreigners On Holiday In USA

A Day In The Life Of Foreigners On Holiday In USA…

New York City – NYC
Times Square
Monday February 06 2017

New York City Times Square - Image Copyright Riu.Com
New York City Times Square - Image Copyright Riu.Com

New York City Times Square – Image Copyright Riu.Com

Folks best to just ignore the rubric and take a holiday someplace else! Why? Easy USA these days is a joke, but the reality is that the joke is not funny as random protesters are popping up on a daily basis in numerous locations across the USA.

Why are we referencing protesters for foreigners visiting USA here is why. Take a couple (man and woman) with two sons age 14 & 16 visiting New York, they take a walk around Times Square the boys want a souvenir they settle for 2 red President Trump baseball caps.

Folks that is a NO – NO!

Why? Because if recent events are anything to go by you may get pepper sprayed!

Anarchic agitators create mayhem at NYU – New York University. The puzzling part is that free speech is the right of everyone as detailed in the 1st Amendment, meaning folks have the right to protest and demonstrate. Fine that is a given and society moves on trouble free while at the same time folks have the divine right to object – protest and express an opinion, But in recent years the line between protesting and anarchy has been breached resulting in violence – arson – willful damage – pepper sprayed and much more…

Folks live in an echo chamber all they hear are their own voices…

A Day In The Life Of Foreigners On Holiday In USA…


Couple – meaning – traditionally meaning two people together man and woman – girfriend and boyfriend – husband and wife. But hey in 2017 in downtown New York one of the PC capitals of the world many folks are not even boy or girl – they are gender neutral, or they are boy and boy – girl and girl – transgender and gender neutral – gender neutral and gender neutral on and on it goes… US Visitors need to be informed all about Lesbian Bisexual Gay and Transgender Miscellaneous before they even consider coming to New York. After all sexual alignment even overflows onto food as in the tomatoes could be gay as some folks say LBGT means Lettuce – Bacon – Gay – Tomato. The mind boggles does this mean folks walk into a sidewalk cafe and order a GAY – Bacon – Lettuce and Tomato sandwich washed down with a gender neutral can of Coca Cola. Or be brave and get Butch n Bitch style Pepsi Cola…

Never dare order a “MOSCOW MULE” made with ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice, the refreshing taste of a Moscow mule cocktail can’t be beat! Hey No! Stop never order a “MOSCOW MULE” as one might get arrested on the grounds of being a suspected Russian Spy.

Now here is one sure way to get locked up in the big house stroll into a NY bar and order a “TERRORIST” Cherry – Grand Marnier – Absinthe – Banana syrup – Coconut liqueur – heavy on the ice!!! Man you will have the cops all over you in seconds and they will pull on the tie-wraps/zip-ties and cart you off to the jailhouse. Think we are being dramatic and trying to sensationalize? Well let’s answer this way if folks have a safe choice of places to visit for vacation/holiday and they have to chose a place from these options…

New York City – USA

Madrid – Spain

Shanghai – PRC – People’s Republik Of China

Hong Kong – Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

Rome – Italy

London – England

Singapore – Republic of Singapore aka The Lion City

Up to you to make your selection. But rest assured very few would want to visit a city where there are protests and demonstrations every day!

A Day In The Life Of Foreigners On Holiday In USA…

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