2018 USA True News Awards?

2018 USA True News Awards?

President Donald Trump & Jeff Flake - Image Copyright Inquisitr.Com

President Donald Trump & Jeff Flake – Image Copyright Inquisitr.Com

The world today is one sad excuse totally ignore the needs of ordinary people! What grabs all the headlines these days is in one word a joke… Take for today as President Trump takes a leaf out of some scriptwriters gonzo blurb that is sure to go viral and get the clickbait $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ad revenue dollars for the day! Yes the only rubric which matters today is…

President Trump Fake News Awards 2017!

Some of the winners are…

Paul Krugman – New York Times

Brian Ross – ABC

Manu Raju – CNN

Jim Acosta – CNN

But sadly behind all the mumbo jumbo is that these fake awards have actually been awarded to news reporters and press media companies, who will turn the negative awards to a positive. They will all work with editors and analysts on how to counter these awards by pushing back with a new rubric which of cause will go viral all around the world. Then what happens? Right all readers have got it they cannot be fooled or conned they know the new push back headlines are all about – mass distribution – viral capture and re-quotes then presto the ad revenue $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ rolls in!

Every child – family – man – woman and and all the pets like the dog know what is going on! Namely that all the self serving US politicians – in the House of Representatives – the Senate and in the unbelievably gonzo like WH – White House – do not give a hoot about all the great ordinary USA folks the hard workers – the shoppers in the streets – the real USA folks namely the electorate!

President Trump Fake News Awards 2017!

Some more winners are…

The Washington Post


CNN won 4 awards

The brain dead hacks White House Press Corp who sit with blank looks and ask dumb questions at the daily WH Press Briefing…

Now these comments are phony… but hey wait a minute – they are true!

The President has turned the White House into a SH!THOLE!

Is the President’s health in any way an indication why he cannot stop using Twitter?

Doctor do you know after the medical exam – did the exam come up with how many times the President has played golf?

When the President has ice cream does he have 2 scoops?

Does the President need sedation?

Does the President have dentures?

Not done yet the rest is assured this is all fodder for the US late night TV show comedians!

On a personal note thank goodness traveling none stop around the world – what one instantly sees is billions of great people laughing – mocking and joking about USA. Just to mention USA and folks just ROFL! One word fits this SAD SAD insight into real USA a JOKE!

2018 USA True News Awards?


Jeff Flake – meaning – Jeff CornFlake mentioned STALIN – What a toe-sucker! No need to expand on using the word STALIN! A JOKE!

2018 USA True News Awards?

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