2018 On The Horizon What May Happen

2018 On The Horizon What May Happen…

2018 - Image Copyright Cdn.Com

2018 – Image Copyright Cdn.Com

USA Politics

#1 – The delusional Russian Collusion winds down and as expected Mueller comes up with a nothingburger. But the Special Counsel saves face as the lying charge against General Michael Flynn is upheld. The Manafort charges are still under preparation with a trial unlikely in 2018. The Democrats will not accept that there is no Russian Collusion and like the serial losers they are, they endlessly flog a dead horse…

#2 – Globalization was never a reality and finally the strength of Russia and China prove that global US control is never going to happen in the world today. Any expansion ideas coming from the WH – White House will be faced with strong push back from far stronger Asian governments who will push back in style shutting down any and all expansion ideas of USA.

#3 – USA thanks to Team Trump and the tax cuts will see – jobs – jobs – jobs and trillions of off shore dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ will pour back into the US economy.

#4 – The US November midterm elections will see the hapless no direction Democrats crushed and the Republicans will strengthen the majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives… “The 2018 United States elections will mostly be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. These midterm elections will take place in the middle of Republican President Donald Trump’s term. All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested. 39 state and territorial governorships and numerous other state and local elections will also be contested.” – Quote attribution Wikipedia.Org

#5 – Exits from the Trump US government will include the sacking of the aloof – arrogant – and soon to be proven incompetent Steven Mnuchin 77th United States Secretary of the Treasury, thankfully this guy for many reasons not least his phony look and behavior in public with his dopey wife! He has to go before the November 2018 midterm elections, because him still being in office will drive away voters from casting a yes for any and all Republican candidates no matter how good they are! The days of fooling the US electorate are over, they do not believe legacy media and propaganda any more. They now know that if it looks like a rat – smells like a rat – tastes like a rat then if elected it will mingle with the rest in the rat’s nest of the odious deep state.

2018 will guarantee changes and as usual in USA political turmoil!

Just five points featured in this report – coming soon 2018 what may happen in sports – entertainment et al…

2018 On The Horizon What May Happen…

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