2017 What Foreigners Dislike About USA

2017 What Foreigners Dislike About USA…

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Thursday, February 23 2017

Drugs - Image Copyright USNews.Com
Drugs - Image Copyright USNews.Com

Drugs – Image Copyright USNews.Com

No! The rubric is for real as most folks from overseas view the States as a joke in 2017!

Do they really? Yes they do they dislike…

USA Politics

Folks view politics to be unavoidable in the USA it appears to be everywhere – in the news – in the street – in the home – in shopping malls – airports – trains – buses – taxis just everywhere. Plus for what reasons as US politics are gridlocked in Washington DC – in the Supreme Court – in the congress – in the senate every single location in the beltway.

US Immigration

Getting in and out of the USA is nearly as difficult as attempting to escape from Alcatraz. Think NewsPressed is exaggerating! Well think what the problem will be to enter Mexico after the wall is built, how will folks exit when there is deportation queue taking hours to process

US Food

A joke as in do the US public really believe that there is anything healthy about – McDonalds – Hardees – KFC – Starbucks – Wendy’s – Coca Cola – Pepsi Cola on and on it goes. Unhealthy food and drinks sold be brand leaders who have one single focus as in making money! What about the quality? Come on those issues are ignored!

US People

Great people but many have myopic viewpoints and are very parochial… But naivety cannot be used as an excuse for lack of openness, more knowledgeable folks around the world can verify that USA is not the best at everything!

US Demonstrations & Protests

Comments – BLANK – BLANK – BLANK INPUT! Why? Because quite simply foreigners view US Demonstrations & Protests as futile and a waste of people’s time and money. How disturbing is it when protesters are getting away with saying – “Trump is more dangerous than Hitler”

The tenants of the First Amendment was for FREE SPEECH! Not warmongering – hatred – violence – public unrest et al…

US Crime

It is a major problem throughout the States and appears that little or nothing is being done about criminals and crime in the USA.

One hope is that the President Trump war on drugs and crime will have some effect.

US Drugs

Drugs are all over and they are not only illegal drugs but a proliferation of prescribed drugs and opioids! Ridiculous that it got to this in the self acclaimed best country in the world! The mind boggles foreigners just look on in disbelief and then burst out laughing! Laughing because most of the problems are that serious that they are laughable.

Do we need to add more? Yes! But keep reading NewsPressed for more US News.

2017 What Foreigners Dislike About USA…

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