2017 Is USA A Failed State?

2017 Is USA A Failed State…

You Know You're No Longer Living In A Free Country - Image Copyright BlogSpot.Com

You Know You're No Longer Living In A Free Country - Image Copyright BlogSpot.Com

You Know You’re No Longer Living In A Free Country – Image Copyright BlogSpot.Com

Is this fake news – no we never do that here at NewsPressed! What this is about is showcasing facts about the USA circa 2017 and they are alarming…

National Debt – $19.81 Trillion oh never mind call it $20 Trillion because for sure it will be there soon…

USA Unemployed People – 7,000,000 yes that is 7 million.

Sanctuary Cities – More than 200 cities, counties and states across the United States are considered sanctuary cities.

USA Homeless People – “The bottom line is that it’s imperfect, but I don’t know that we could do a better job,” said Dennis Culhane, a University of Pennsylvania researcher and a principal investigator on the homelessness reports that are presented to Congress annually.The most recent report found that on one night there were 549,928 homeless people in America. Quote attribution TheGuardian.Com

USA Camp Cities

Camp Hope, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Camp Quixote, Olympia, Washington State
Camp Take Notice, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dignity Village, Portland, Oregon
Opportunity Village, Eugene, Oregon
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Tent City, Phoenix, Arizona
New Jack City and Little Tijuana, Fresno, California
Nickelsville, located in Seattle
Right 2 Dream Too, Portland, Oregon
River Haven, Ventura County, California
Safe Ground, Sacramento, California
The Jungle, San Jose, California
Temporary Homeless Service Area (THSA), Ontario, California
Tent City of Lakewood, New Jersey
Cedar Tent City, Old River Rd, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Tent City, Avenue A and 13th Street, Lubbock, Texas
Tent City, Bernalillo County, New Mexico
Tent City, banks of the American River, Sacramento, California
Tent City 3, Seattle
Tent City, Chicago, Illinois
Tent City 4, eastern King County outside of Seattle
The Point, where the Gunnison River and Colorado River meet
The Village of Hope and Community of Hope, Fresno, California
Transition Park, Camden, New Jersey
Tent City, Fayette County, Tennessee,
Camp Unity Eastside, Woodinville, WA
China Hat Road, Bend, Oregon

Number Of USA People With Healthcare Cover – Wow that is topical! The facts are that neither the Democrats and/or the Republicans give two hoots about who has healthcare cover. Why is that? Easy because all the USA political decision makers have the best healthcare cover all paid for by the USA electorate. Yes the irony the poor folks who voted these morons into office are the deprived people who are paying income tax to ensure the very best healthcare is on tap for the Washington sewer. Who in thanks could not careless about anything – as “I am alright, Jack!”

On and on the negatives go! Meanwhile the political rhetoric is “America is the greatest country in the world”

Only one word fits to respond to that – BULLSHIT!

2017 Is USA A Failed State…

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