2017 Expect Long Traffic Delays In Asia

2017 Expect Long Traffic Delays In Asia…

Bangkok Traffic Jam - Image Copyright PhuketFmRadio.Com
Bangkok Traffic Jam - Image Copyright PhuketFmRadio.Com

Bangkok Traffic Jam – Image Copyright PhuketFmRadio.Com

Planning a holiday – business trip or just an unplanned tourist visit to most big cities in Asia… Then be prepared to caught up in traffic jams breathing in unhealthy vehicle exhaust fumes, plus all people sweat profusely in the hot humid weather that exists almost year round in many major cities in the Orient.

Here are some typical Asia traffic jam delay times…

Bangkok – 72 minute

Jakarta – 68 minutes

Manila – 66 minutes

Hanoi – 58 minutes

Jakarta – 53 minutes

Time needed to find a parking spot in Asia

Hanoi – 45 minutes

Ho Chi Minh – 31 minutes

Hong Kong – 25 minutes

Kuala Lumpur – 25 minutes

Now here is the reality check on time wasted in traffic jams in major Asian cities it can mean anything from 15 to 15 full days a year just stuck in traffic. Use the sky trains and the underground train in many of these great cities – they are fast – regular – modern hi tech and very affordable. I lived in many of these Asian cities and never took taxis, all they do is head for the roads that a have jams so they can sit and watch as the taxi meter keeps ticking up the $$$ dollars on the charge.

Rent a car you have to be joking it will drive you nuts and waste high dollars that could be much better spent on other things. When in Asia do what the locals do that is do not travel in peak traffic hours and never cars and/or taxis. Always use sky trains and underground trains.

Bicycles and motorbikes – scooters and the like are OK as they can weave between the traffic and keep moving. But then again getting a ‘motorcy taxi’ aka motorcycle taxi in Bangkok is not for the faint hearted as 9 times out of 10 the guy on the motorcycle will be drugged up to the eyeballs on yaba!!! In other words when you get on a Bangkok motorcycle taxi you have zero insurance against crash injury and no guarantee to get where you want to go anyway. It is typical to flag a motorcycle taxi in Bangkok and say going to Silom and he gets you to Nana and stops… Then you are on your own looking for the next way to get to Silom! Forget it! Get the SKY TRAIN you will be there in minutes and moreover you will be all intact in one piece with fresh smelling clothes – rather than exhaust fume filled smelly clothes.

Could write reams about Asian traffic jams but that is enough for now as blah blah…

2017 Expect Long Traffic Delays In Asia…

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