2012 Indian Exports See Year on Year 21.4 Percent Growth Boost

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Monday, March 12, 2012

We all know roughly how the Indian economy is going to pan out this year, which brings us nicely into the 2012 Indian Exports, what are the expectations. Well the figures are just in for April 2011 to February 2012 and they are sensational up 21.4% on February 2011. Total Exports stood at US $ 267.4 billion – Impressive but still work to do in some specific niche markets – see more info below…

Individual Market Sector Rises :-

  • Engineering – US$ 54.5 Billion up 21.2%
  • Petroleum and Oil Products – US$ 53 Billion up 43%
  • Gems and Jewelry – US$ 40.6 Billion up 28.8%
  • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals – US$ 11.4 Billion up 11.4%
  • Cotton Yarn and Fabric Made-Up – US$ 6.1 Billion up 18.5%
  • Electronics – US$ 54.5 Billion up 3.5%
  • Ready Made Garments – US$ 12.1 Billion up 19.0%
  • Leather – US$ 4.1 Billion up 20.4%

The industries that are booming are petrol and by products, Gems and Jewelry, Leather all with exports growing more than 20 percent in the year. But a lot more growth and expansion is needed in Drugs and Pharmaceuticals. But the sector which is flat and is not in line with similar markets worldwide is Electronics the market was flat the exports were up a derisory 3.5% this is a cause for concern and quite frankly the Indian IT and Electronics companies can offer no excuses as the market sales are going through the roof around the world and there are more buyers than stocks available to purchase!

All eyes will be watching the Electronics and Drugs and Pharmaceuticals in 2012 as they need to increase sales substantially and then when they get sales and production up maintain that momentum and keep moving forward.

2012 Indian Exports See Year on Year 21.4 Percent Growth Boost…

Ministry of Commerce & Industry


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