2012 Harbin Ice Festival – Harbin Convention and Exhibition Center



Heilongjiang Province



Thursday, January 13, 2012

Tourists this is for you – ‘2012 Harbin Ice Festival’ – that is if you do not mind extremely cold weather many days minus twenty degrees centigrade is the norm. But when you are in the far north of China in winter near the Russian border a must visit is the unique 28th Harbin Ice and Snow Festival held at the Harbin Convention and Exhibition Center.

This spectacular annual event has been running since 1963 and here is a clip what is on show this year 2012 – quote – ‘During the snow festival, top class ice and snow artwork will be exhibited.’ – more –  ‘Film festivals and group wedding ceremonies will also be held on ice.’

There is one major problem with the – ‘28th Harbin Ice and Snow Festival’ it does not get enough publicity so it is our privilege for News Pressed to showcase the premier event of the year in  Heilongjiang Province PRC.

2012 Harbin Ice Festival – Harbin Convention and Exhibition Center…

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