2-19-2017 Today’s Unbelievable Headlines

2-19-2017 Today’s Unbelievable Headlines…

Burger King Russia - Image Copyright RT.Com

Burger King Russia - Image Copyright RT.Com

Burger King Russia – Image Copyright RT.Com

Just been trolling through some headlines around the world today! The mind boggles at what is out there, is it real news or fake

news? Guess the answer to that is nobody really knows…

Such is the standard of news reporting in 2017…

Here we go…

Stores Wars – attribution ThePost.Es

Turns out not to be a war, but some sort of disagreement between two shopping malls in Finestrat and Benidorm Spain.

Why I’m Marrying Britains Most Violent Prisoner – attribution DailyMail.Co.Uk

Hard to believe a word of the story! But what does come out is that two people namely career criminal the self named Charles Bronson and some phony pseudo celebrity have colluded to tell the world that they are in love and about to get married. The gullible press smell a story to sell newspapers pay 1000s of UK Pounds for the story and go with it. It is a three way winner the paper gets more sales equals more revenue. The jailbird get a few thousand pounds which comes in handy when you are Charles Bronson locked up in solitary confinement in HMP Wakefield. The former soap starlet Paula Williamson gets a bag full of cash she can blow around the UK as she preens about like a temporary A lister movie star. When the money runs out and the news resource see no more mileage in the story. End of, let’s move on… Where is the next phony story!!!

Murdered Kim Jong-nam ‘felt he was living on borrowed time’ in Macau – attribution SCMP.Com

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 February, 2017, 8:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 16 February, 2017, 10:49am

Well Kim Jong-nam was right inline with this rubric as he got assassinated this week in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia – Touche! You just cannot make these headlines up, they just keep coming…

Brooklyn sells most expensive cup of coffee in US – attribution PressTv.Ir

The newly opened Extraction Lab offers a cup of ‘Geisha’ coffee for 18 dollars. The rare coffee grows only in Ethiopia. – attribution PressTv.Ir

Who cares? Who wants to know? Must be a reason guess someone is making money somewhere in this promotion!

Burger King Russia takes down social media ad with rape victim’s likeness – attribution RT.Com

On the Burger King poster, the girl makes the same gesture she used on the show to indicate how much vodka she had drunk before the assault: “Just a little.” – attribution RT.Com Read the full story Right Here! – Right Now!

RT.Com Burger King Russia

Bizarre world – Bizarre Stories…

2-19-2017 Today’s Unbelievable Headlines…

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