11400 Chongqing Taxi Cabs to be fitted with Video Cameras



Sichuan Province



Tuesday, February 29, 2012

Over 28 million people live in the all action city of Chongqing in Southwest China. That means that there is a round the clock demand for public transport – trains – buses and over 11,400 taxi cabs.

Now Chongqing local authorities led by the city’s Traffic Law Enforcement Team are spending over 60 Million Yuan –  $9.5 Million US Dollars on installing in each taxi a recording device and video camera

Official Government report – quote – “Recently, we have received many complaints about disputes between taxi drivers and passengers, but more often than not, it is too difficult to obtain evidence,” said Chen Weidong, an official from the city’s Traffic Law Enforcement Team. – more – After camera are placed into the city’s fleet of cabs, both drivers and passengers will be monitored and officials will have evidence to rely upon when adjudicating disputes. – more – In cases of taxi drivers being robbed, access to the recordings will help police to track and arrest criminals.

The Chinese lawmakers are known ‘for actions speak louder than words’ hence the general public will be pleased to see that all the Chongqing taxi cabs will be fitted with recording devices and video cameras.

11400 Chongqing Taxi Cabs to be fitted with Video Cameras…

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