100 Chinese Nationals Arrested in Sri Lanka Online Currency Scam Raid

Sri Lanka
Saturday, December 22, 2012

Police swoop on 100 Chinese nationals in and around Colombo in raid that rounds up a high tech criminal gang who have been perpetrating on Online Currency Fraud Scam. The night time raids which saw the arrest of 100 Chinese nationals is estimated to have dismantled and degraded the kingpins and the senior hierarchy in an intelligent group of individuals who have been involved in a very serious Online Currency Fraud Scam.

Online Currency Fraud Gang Structure

• 74 Men

• 26 Women

Here is a Sri Lankan police report on the raid – quote – “They have defrauded their countrymen by making them… transfer money to accounts maintained in Sri Lanka in the names of those arrested,” – more – “The fraud-affected people (live) in China,” – more – “The fraud was carried out in Sri Lanka through the Internet.”

The Sri Lanka Police arrested the 100 Chinese nationals during the night on Friday, December 21, 2012

100 Chinese Nationals Arrested in Sri Lanka Online Currency Scam Raid…


The Chinese in Sri Lanka – meaning – Over the last decade China has been involved in over $50 Billion USD of investment projects in Sri Lanka. Hence with the money followed initially by man power then in moved Chinese Restaurants – shops and of course many Chinese families are now residing in Sri Lanka. China is also building a second port in Colombo.

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