Andrew Marr vs Bradley Wiggins

Andrew Marr vs Bradley Wiggins…

Andrew Marr vs Bradley Wiggins - Image Copyright TheBikeComesFirst.Com

Andrew Marr vs Bradley Wiggins - Image Copyright TheBikeComesFirst.Com

Andrew Marr vs Bradley Wiggins – Image Copyright TheBikeComesFirst.Com

Andrew Marr is great interviewer but! The but is any interview is effective assuming the subject of the questions is fully understood before – during and at the end of an interview…

This was not the case in Andrew Marr vs Bradley Wiggins as Marr did not fully comprehend the complexities of the questions he launched at Bradley Wiggins. Hence Wiggins was not flustered and under no stress played a ‘Straight Bat’ and/or ‘Curveball’ to the questions…

Not helpful to all the viewers and certainly expressing no clarity to the cloudy/hazy fog that surrounds Wiggins and his win in the 2012 Tour de France.

The FOG as seen through the eyes of WorldTour rider Tom Dumoulin is crystal CLEAR – Bradley Wiggins received an injected 40 mg dose of Corticosteroid Triamcinolone only days before the start of the 2012 Tour de France

The question Tom Dumoulin and the rest of the world wants to know is WHY WIGGINS WAS INJECTED WITH A PED – Performance Enhancing Drug?

Bradley Wiggins could not explain why in the interview with Andrew Marr. This was a TV broadcast that offered Bradley Wiggins the opportunity to explain why he used PED’s when according to the rider – he was in the form of his life and had no health issues.

This article is intentionally not pulling any punches…

The world needs to fezz up and stop making excuses and offering oblique reasons that do not add up… Accepted that present day society revolves around deception and the like…

The way forward in – Life – Business – Politics – Sport et al… Surely the best way is for everyone is be – Honest – Transparent – Responsible and the like!!!

Corticosteroid Triamcinolone should be classified as a PED – Performance Enhancing Drug and banned from use while in competition!

Andrew Marr vs Bradley Wiggins…


Corticosteroid Triamcinolone – meaning – In simple terms this was one of the PED’s used by Lance Armstrong and Armstrong is BANNED FOR LIFE from entering any competitive event involving cycling – Say no more!

How Lives Differ 2016 Style Losers vs Winners

How Lives Differ 2016 Style Losers vs Winners

There is a perrennial saying – ‘Losers Never Win and Winners Never Lose’

Winners Never Lose - Image Copyright DeviantArt.Net

Winners Never Lose - Image Copyright DeviantArt.Net

Winners Never Lose – Image Copyright DeviantArt.Net

Losers Never Win

In real life ala the topic of the week – the hopelessly pointless and wasteful attraction to the newest divorce saga of two all time losers as in they lose once – twice but in the case of Angelina Jolie this is the third loss in the marital circus arena. Uncoupling from serial loser the befuddled – dopey Brad Pitt…

What a messy – public display of how NOT to live one’s life…

The media and press world has gone mad, they cannot get enough of the ‘Brangelina Split’ which if there was enough money in the fight game business would top the bill at the next UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship…

Can one imagine Dana White and Joe Rogan selling this championship fight…

Here we go at catchweight we have the much vaunted battle of the sexes the super Women’s Flyweight Champion – Angelina Jolie vs a man whose is a born fighter but terminal loser with a UFC record of winning no fights Men’s Welterweight Brad Pitt…

The fight will top the bill at Madison Square Garden – New York City – NYC – it is guaranteed to be a sell out…

WAIT! All this is totally irrelevant (A dream that only Hollywood could dream up) as no one is interesting in buying the images all the top magazines like ‘Vogue’ have shown zero interest in these two losers. ‘Hello’ magazine have publicly announced they would not spend one single dime on any pictures of Angelina Jolie and/or Brad Pitt…

These egotistical Z listers think they are ‘Chocolate’ as in tasty and loved by all!

The truth the world is at last wising up to these serial losers...

So who are the Winners?

The guess is that millions will get this question wrong!

Well the Winners are the millions of men – women and children in the far East and beyond…

Why are they winners?

Well first they usually despise and hate most things that come from the sordid and worthless West as in Junk Food – Political BS – Western Behavior – Manners – Egos – and the like could write a book about all the negatives. But that would not cover the downside of the West that would take a library storing content of thousands of Bibles to cover.

Why are the folks in The Orient mainly Winners?

Easy they are particular on what they eat and drink. Health comes first in life – Followed by Family and Friends – Next comes work which to many is a lifestyle as in an enjoyable hobby. Then way down the pecking order comes money. As for keeping fit and physically and mentally in winning condition – exercise again is a part of every day life!

Next are they interested in the ‘Brangelina Split’? No they could not careless about these two Z lister losers!

‘Losers Never Win and Winners Never Lose’

How Lives Differ 2016 Style Losers vs Winners…

Has Marion Cotillard Weed Brad Pitt – Wooed!

Has Marion Cotillard Weed Brad Pitt – Wooed!

Well would you believe that!

It is alleged that Marion Cotillard Weed Brad Pitt aka Marion Cotillard Wooed Brad Pitt…

Not sure the details as no bong pipe is here right now to draw on and inhale all the the hallucinatory vapes…

The rumors are hazy and unconfirmed whether this is about a new relationship built on being ‘Wooed’ and/or it just down to plain old weed!!!

Cheech and Chong on the Weed

Cheech and Chong on the Weed

Cheech and Chong on the Weed

There are a lot of unanswered issues to address in this smokey – hazy – weed affair…

Has Marion Cotillard Weed Brad Pitt – Wooed!

Wooed is described as trying to gain the love of someone – typically a woman!

We are confused so the only way to sort this out, is this – Right Here! Right Now!

Cannabis Weed Floyds of Leadville Did They Sell the Weed to Brad Pitt?

Has Marion Cotillard Weed Brad Pitt aka Has Marion Cotillard Wooed Brad Pitt!

Or has

Brad Pitt wooed someone while puffing on weed!

This whole story is as confusing as the hazy – woozy – gossip trash talk written
here… We believe a man can woo a woman! But we have got it all wrong as we
have hinted that a woman has wooed a man!

Oh well! Let’s get the Bong Pipe out and see if we can work out – WTF – is really


Weed - meaning – Globally used slang word to describe marijuana use.

Lao Sex Trade is Called ‘Bad Work’ by Girls

News and media reports are surfacing in Laos about the Lao Sex Trade is Called ‘Bad Work’ by Girls…

Human Trafficking Sex - Image Copyright JCLao.Com

Human Trafficking Sex - Image Copyright JCLao.Com

Human Trafficking Sex – Image Copyright JCLao.Com

Having spent many years living and working alongside Lao men and women, what always shines through is that almost all the Lao nationals are friendly – intelligent and optimistic.

But the core problem in this great country located in the heart of the mystical Orient is that the economy is still under development.

Hence many ordinary folks have to search out ways to make money to pay for the basics in life as in food and basic accommodation.

Which leads to young women resorting to the sex trade to make ends meet. But here is the problem many of the teenage girls and young women get into the human trafficking side of the sex trade. But they have to use so called agents – middle men and the like who often turn out to be pimps and agents who have tricked the women into the sex trade.

Like offering jobs in for example in Bangkok, then when the girls arrive in Bangkok they are forced to sell their bodies as whores – hookers – prostitutes – massage girls – escorts – coyote girls – go go girls – or any other worthless name or title…

But the reality is the teenage girls and young women have no choice as pimps and agents tell them that they have a large debt to pay off – before they will escape and/or be released from sex slavery.

The despicable pimps and agents roam the streets and shopping areas of downtown Vientiane looking for attractive young women. Then they con the girls into a bogus contract in Bangkok and/or Hong Kong – Macau aka Macao and mainland China. Then when the girls sign up they are whisked away into ‘sexual slavery’! Which often leads into years of living in prison like conditions selling sex to pay off the pimps and agents…

Does not make good reading, does it!

Lao Sex Trade is Called ‘Bad Work’ by Girls…

Thanh Nien News Closes After 12 Years Online

Thanh Nien News Closes After 12 Years Online

Here at NewsPressed it is our ongoing policy to support and report on interesting and progressive news around the world.

Hence we get no pleasure in announcing the popular Vietnam – Thanh Nien News closes After 12 Years Online…

This very professional resource has been the go to site for the best and latest Vietnam news published in English.

Here is the official site closure notice…

Thanh Nien News

Thanh Nien News

Thanh Nien News


In 2004 we launched to bring all the latest information about Vietnam to English-speaking readers in the country
and abroad.

Twelve years later, today, with a heavy heart, we announce the closure of the website owing to our company’s major reorganization plans. From September 15, 2016, the website will no longer be updated. All the articles we have published can still be found in the Archive.

Thanks to you, dear reader, Thanh Nien News was among the most popular English-language news websites in Vietnam.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your time and attention over the past 12 years, which contributed to the website’s great success.

The Thanh Nien News team

Sad and unfortunate, suspect revenue stream or lack of enough revenue to cover overheads and salaries is the reason for closure.

Thanh Nien News Closes After 12 Years Online…

2016-2017 Manchester United Shambolic Season To Date

2016-2017 Manchester United Shambolic Season To Date….

Sunday September 18 2016
Vicarage Road

Manchester United

Manchester United

Manchester United

Nightmares continue for Manchester United as they got trounced by Watford FC 3-1.

Not interested in any excuses Manchester United were shambolic a total and absolute disgrace!!!

But 2 things that are not wrong Manchester United still one of the greatest football clubs in the World. Plus there is nothing wrong with the manager Jose Mourinho who has only been in the OT hot seat for 6 games.

But most supporters and sports pundits agree that the root cause to three losses this week, is on the pitch many poor performances, but moreover some shambolic football served up by Wayne Rooney and Marouane Fellaini to name two under performers.

Wayne Rooney

Finished as a top draw player – too slow – wayward – petulant and now adding a sinister side to his play as in he is now resorting to dirty tackling. What is this all about, one can only assume that he has lost it… His time is up and should be dropped from the first team now!!!

These headlines in the Media and Press – don’t hold back…

Rooney wretched at Watford – Wayne Rooney suffers another off-day in Man United’s Watford woe – ESPNFC.Com

Terrible Wayne Rooney display shows Manchester United and Jose Mourinho have to drop him – Express.Co.Uk

Manchester United player ratings: Wayne Rooney looks finished – ManchesterEveningNews.Co.Uk

But what follows is from the die hard fans on The Republik of Mancunia forum…Quote -

Quote attribution TheRepublikOfMancunia.Com

“I’m fully on the anti Rooney train now. He is as fucking useful as an ashtray on a motorbike

Agree, Jose has to at least bench him if he’s not getting rid of him in January!!

Rooney hasn’t justified his selection for God knows how fucking long.

Also, what really pisses me off is the likes of Chris Smalling who gets rolled out on the clubs social media formats after the Europa league game on Thursday to toe the party line by saying ‘not good enough, we must do better’ and then have the audacity to not give two fucks against Watford like the rest of them, while earning money I will never have in a lifetime.

Sorry for the rant but I’m fucked off with that performance. The Northampton game in the League Cup has suddenly become important, not fucking kidding because they should be playing for their futures, in they could be jettisoned in January. Time for the players to give a fuck, unacceptable today.

Read the full thread Right Here! Right Now”!

The Republik Of Macunia vs Watford (A) – 18/09/2016 – 12:00 BST Kick Off

Marouane Fellaini

Never was and/or will be a Manchester United player, he is quite simply a shirt pulling and dirty tackling embarrassment. The guy is simply not good enough to play in the Manchester United team – end of. No point in adding anything else about Marouane Fellaini, Jose Mourinho drop him and show him the door in the January 2017 transfer window.

2016-2017 Manchester United Shambolic Season To Date…


ABU – meaning – Anyone but United.

OT – meaning – Old Trafford.

Who has been ‘Dicking Bimbos’?

Who has been ‘Dicking Bimbos’?

Would you believe it's Jake from the State Farm! - Image copyright ZeroHedge.Com

Would you believe it's Jake from the State Farm! - Image copyright ZeroHedge.Com

Would you believe it’s Jake from the State Farm! – Image copyright ZeroHedge.Com

Here we go again the gutter press getting a masturbatory thrill as they swarm all over the new buzz words of the month – ‘Dicking Bimbos’!

Even Bill doesn't want me! - Image copyright BlogSpot

Even Bill doesn't want me! - Image copyright BlogSpot

Even Bill doesn’t want me! – Image copyright BlogSpot


As the POTUS Election day November 08 2016 gets nearer the snipers are out in force for both the Republican candidate – Donald Trump vs the gnarled career lawyer/politician the aloof edgy Hillary Clinton. Seemly the best the Democrat party could find to keep the Democrat doctrine going in The White House post the present incumbent President Barack Obama.

As for – Who has been ‘Dicking Bimbos’?

Here at NewsPressed.Com we have no idea, as we do not understand dodgy – gutter press style words – descriptors – or whatever they are called in this crazy world…

Who has been ‘Dicking Bimbos’?

Mel Gibson Expecting Ninth Child

Mel Gibson Expecting Ninth Child

This baby says - BORING! - Image Copyright BlogSpot

This baby says - BORING! - Image Copyright BlogSpot

This baby says – BORING – Image Copyright BlogSpot

WTF! The tabloids and the celeb media are all carrying a story about Mel Gibson.


That seems a reasonable question let’s repeat the question…


Exactly so what is the news? Who is interested? Who cares? Why tell the world?

We are not publishing any images as our readers like us – do not want to see!

Baffled? You bet… Are you all?

That is enough of that end of Mel Gibson…

Thank goodness that is over and done with…

Even the leading celeb site TMZ were not impressed! Yet they had the nous to post this headline

Mel Gibson Diaper Duty … Part 9!

Super fabulous – hysterical – sarcastic – tongue in cheek and flippant. Take a bow TMZ that is hilarious

But more credit to TMZ they did not stop with that zinger of a rubric. They added these delicious and tasty comments…

Mel Gibson Diaper Duty … Part 9!

Mel Gibson Expecting 9th Kid!

Mel Gibson’s having a baby … for the 9th time … with his 26-year-old girlfriend.

Mel and Rosalind Ross, his GF of 2 years, are expecting the newborn sometime early next year … according to Mel’s reps.

60-year-old Mel is an old pro — he had 7 kids with his ex-wife, Robin, and one more with Oksana Grigorieva. This will be Rosalind’s
first baby.

People first reported the pregnancy.

Couple fun numbers: 36 and 6 … the ages of Mel’s oldest and youngest kids, as of today.

#NotTooOldForThisS*** Quote attribution TMZ.Com

Take a look Right Here! Right Now!

TMZ.COM Mel Gibson Diaper Duty … Part 9!

Mel Gibson Expecting Ninth Child…

Professional Cycling and Therapeutic Use Exemptions – TUE

Professional Cycling and Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE

Therapeutic Use Exemptions - TUE - Image Copyright TheUIAA.Org

Therapeutic Use Exemptions - TUE - Image Copyright TheUIAA.Org

Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE – Image Copyright TheUIAA.Org


Professional cycling for decades has experienced problems with doping, but to keep things on short term memory recall. Let’s just look at drugs in professional cycling over the last 20 years.

The Festina team drug scandal in the late nineties naming top riders Richard Virenque and others…

Festina Affair 1998 Tour de France

The Festina team hotel rooms and team transport fleet as in cars – wagons – buses – motorbikes etc were raided by the drug inspectors. In one Festina cycling team car a stash of drugs was found resulting in the whole Festina team being expelled from the 1998 Tour de France. The two star riders on the team Richard Virenque and Pascal Herve never admitted guilt, but many other riders, and team officials were banned. Years later Pascal Herve admitted to doping and Richard Virenque received a 9 month ban and heavy fine.

Lance Armstrong in the late 90′s and from 2000 to 2009

The biggest doping scandal is sport ever ritual doping day in day out involving Lance Armstrong and his team riders, officials,doctors and more… But everyone knows it is an unfair world and Lance Armstrong was banned for life from any sports event that includes cycling anywhere in the world. But as years have passed since Lance Armstrong got his life ban, it has come to light that it is likely that over 90% plus of the professional cycling peloton riding on the World Tour were and/or are doping.

Hence many believe that the life ban on Lance Armstrong is a ‘nonsense’! He has been made a scapegoat for others.

Other cases from 1996 to 2016

Many cases and several bans handed down to team officials,doctors,facilitators, riders and the like! It is ongoing and is unlikely to go away any time soon!

Why is drug taking and doping NOT going to go away in Professional Road Race Cycling and Track Cycling?

Here is why because the riders and the team doctors have a get out clause that turns a doper into a clean (as in drug free) cyclist aka pro rider.

Here is the duplicity and sinister work around to STOP (or enable, you decide) doping and drug taking that officials and controlling bodies have come up with.

Professional Cycling and Therapeutic Use Exemptions – TUE

So here is the devious way a top rider and a team doctor collude together to enable the star rider to win a Big Tour event ala Giro de Italia – Tour de France – Vuelta a Espana…

We are not going to name names because pro cycling turns over billions of dollars $$$$$$$$ a year.The team leaders and the elite team riders become multi millionaires within only 2 to 3 years max on the World Tour. So hence with such vast sums of money being involved then anyone who names these riders and doctors is going to be drowned in legal writs and court orders and the like.

But here is how it is done a few days before a Grand Tour event Giro de Italia – Tour de France – Vuelta a Espana, one of the favorites to win will have a ‘Medical Episode’

This is what happens the rider says he is experiencing a panic Asthma attack and in collusion with the cycling team doctor applies for Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE. All that the governing bodies require to issue the Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE is a doctor’s certificate! Of course the doctor’s certificate is there ‘all ready and waiting’ because the doctor is the Team Doctor of the rider’s professional cycling team.

Right now the have the ‘green light’ to dope the rider they inject the race favorite with a steroid base substance which immediately takes affect and stops the Asthma attack. But this is the problem the injected steroid also artificially boosts the performance capability of the riders body! How do we know? Easy we have it from the ‘horses mouth’ in quote – Michael Rasmussen referring to a drug used for treating Asthma – ‘You have the obvious effects of weight loss and increased sensation of stamina and postponing your fatigue. It is a very effective and powerful drug. It’s a game-changer. It’s not like EPO when you have to take it for a long time before you feel an effect. It has an immediate effect.’ that is a newspaper clip from the Daily Mail

Then surprise – surprise the rider who is riding a Grand Tour event Giro de Italia – Tour de France – Vuelta a Espana while at the same time riding with the aid of drugs legally as the rider has the Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE card which allow him to take drugs.

What happens next?

The rider of course WINS THE RACE!!!!!

So now we all know why there is NO DOPING – NO DRUG TAKING in Professional Road Race Cycling!!!…

Professional Cycling and Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE…


Therapeutic Use Exemptions TUE – meaning – USADA therapeutic use exemption (TUE) information for Athletes with medical needs for prohibited substances. Determine if you need a TUE and apply here. – Attribution USADA.Org

Medical Episode – meaning – Dumbf**kery word that crawled out of the trash can in the crazy world of modern day press.Medical Episode was the condition used to describe Hillary Clinton when she had to make an unscheduled exit from a 9/11 remembrance event. The Medical Episode turned out to be that Hillary Clinton was suffering from pneumonia. This case alone stands out in showing what a phony world it is – when a public figure like Hillary Clinton wants to hide pneumonia and simply try to brush it off as a meaningless and irrelevant Medical Episode – Content Research NewsPressed.Com

Jose Mourinho – Talksport Live – Feyenoord 1-0 Manchester United

Jose Mourinho – Talksport Live – Feyenoord 1-0 Manchester United

Eric Cantona - Image Copyright Planet-Football.Net

Eric Cantona - Image Copyright Planet-Football.Net

Eric Cantona – Image Copyright Planet-Football.Net

Late at night listening to Talksport Live the topic the Manchester United loss to Feyenoord in the numpties cup in Europe.

Yes it was a dire match fitting of a dire third rate competition it is the Europa Cup. So now the the very down market as in very poor presentation – delivery and professionalism of Talksport Live, is having a phone in – with the objective to rip Jose Mourinho to bits…

So here is a snippet of the live broadcast – the phone rings in the Talksport Live studio and a low life is live – waiting to get his 15 to 30 seconds of live broadcast on radio. So here he kicks off with the verbals – whining – bitching and moaning about Jose Mourinho who has been manager of ‘The Reds’ for only 4 games. Then these ‘DickHeads’ keep ringing in blurting out a diatribe of BS on why Jose Mourinho is at fault for the 1-0 loss against Feyenoord.

Let’s wind the clock back since SAF – Sir Alex Ferguson retired 3 years ago this magnificent club has gone into free fall thanks to all time loser manager David Moyes who has never won anything and struggles to fill an empty glass with water! David Moyes is an uneducated serial failure in anything and everything club – tactics – players at any level in football. Clueless a disastrous mistake to bring in David Moyes as manager of Manchester United…

9 – 10 months late the hapless idiot gets fired!!!

But Hello! What happens next is almost beyond belief all the squad players are mentally shot as they have been overdosed on “Largactil” spoon fed on a daily basis by Moyes to all the players.

Then along comes a lunatic from Holland – Louis Van Gaal – laughed and mocked in his Dutch homeland because he surely reinvented and abused the personal right to be ARROGANT!!!

Roll the clock he lasted almost 2 years and coached the squad to become back and side passing zombies. The players drowned in this brash arrogant – Van Gaal I am never wrong attitude he wrecked the players mentally and Van Gaal even showed psychopathic traits. Example Van Gaal even managed to convince Memphis Depay that because he gave him the legendary iconic shirt worn with pride by some of the greatest players to ever grace a football pitch. Namely George Best – Eric Cantona – Christiano Ronaldo et al.

But what Van Gaal chose to ignore was that wearing the number 7 does not make you a good player some of those who failed in the number 7 are Angel Di Maria – David Beckham – Antonio Valencia – Michael Owen. Anyway Memphis Depay is a total disgrace not fit and/or good enough to wear any Manchester United shirt irrespective of the number…

Anyway after winning the FA Cup 2016 thank goodness Louis Van Gaal gets the bullet!

But worse to come the players already blitzed by Moyes on daily doses of Largactil. On the Louis Van Gaal exit smiling – laughing – strutting to the nearest bank with a reported 8 Million UK Pounds pay off for him and his staff who got the ‘Golden Bullet’

The day after Van Gaal walks the squad players are checked by the club doctors and found to be all walking around and playing dire boring football thanks to overdosing on cocktail of drugs. Namely Van Gaal kept the team on Largactil as he was impressed how dopey and irrational they all were behaving on Largactil.

But Louis Van Gaal was not completely happy he wanted the players to be permanently sleepy too especially on the playing field. Ola – the answer for LVG was give them all a daily sleeping pill as in the top seller – Ambien!!!

Today what to do?

Get off the back of Jose Mourinho and directly to Talksport Live leave JM alone it did not work in Spain riling him a daily and hourly basis. He got the hump and walked out on Real Madrid…

So leave him alone as Jose Mourinho has the balls to walk out of English Football…

One more time Talksport Live back off – because Jose Mourinho is box office entertainment and great for football – PERIOD!

Jose Mourinho – Talksport Live – Feyenoord 1-0 Manchester United…


Largactil – meaning – Trademark a brand of chlorpromazine used as a tranquillizer – sedative – antipsychotic.

Ambien – meaning – Ambien (zolpidem) is a sedative, also called a hypnotic. Zolpidem affects chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced in people with sleep problems insomnia – Attribution Drugs.Com

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